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  1. Hi guys, I haven't been up to date with DCS for a long while, but have been always tagging along with the updates as much as I can. Just wondering if the -120s ever got updated yet? I know the Sparrows got updated a few months ago with better flight model and guidance and it was also mentioned tat the AMRAAMs would also be overhauled. I tried searching around for newsletters but didn't find anything mentioning an update. Thanks!
  2. Umm... I'm not some CFD expert but an artificial velocity cap of about 1000kn at medium altitude doesn't seem quite right to me... This turd of a boom stick has a max effective range of only maybe 6mn if you're head-on and feeling lucky. (Not to mention it eats chaff for lunch lol)
  3. Can you outline what are some of the guidance problems that players exploit? From what i've noticed, AMRAAM lofting algorithm is really bad, especially for longer ranges, so it literally drops from 2000kn of velocity to 1000kn when it reaches the 10nm to the target, which gives it a hopeless chance to actually hit the target. What are the exploits that you are referring to since it makes a big disadvantage to the aggressor?
  4. Aw. :p Any plans or mods available for it? (I like killing GPU and framerates for fun)
  5. Hi everyone, Was wondering if DoF was supposed to work in cockpits as well? I tried both Bokeh and Simple settings but they don't seem to affect the cockpit. IIRC, I saw a Hornet video with Wags and there seemed to be some DoF going? Thanks.
  6. Curious question... It definitely could be, not sure if ED will go through the trouble of adding it (although, I don't think there is much trouble to it anyways). Really hope they do, it would be kinda fun and cool.
  7. Has the Alt Hold while banking been fixed yet? It was broken since basically 1.5 came out...
  8. Hahaha, would you care to explain how this applies? :p
  9. Interesting... any reason as to why this is?
  10. Sounds like solid advice! But it seems like that I've subconsciously been trying to do that already :( I understand the eyes find movement a lot easier than shapes so I try to take in the whole scene (or screen) instead of trying to search for movement. I guess I will try to slow down my looking around even more so I have more time to process possible movements. Of course, those few seconds could be your death when you're coming up to a merge...
  11. I'm speaking about in general, not only in MP. Sometimes there are missions without AWACS talking in your ear all the time and I don't have the chat log open all the time. I'm speaking about generally if I look in a direction where I expect enemies, there is no way I can see their "specks" unless I hook them up on radar and stare intently at the little highlighted box.
  12. Whenever I'm watching Ralfi or Hellreign82 play, they can always see some "specks on the horizon"... I can never manage to see anything even with the zoom view all they way in. I can only find the little dot flying around the sky if I already painted them with the radar, even then it's still a challenge sometimes. I swear I've got good eyesight (20/20). Has everyone moved onto MkII eyeballs while I'm still stuck on the MkI? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Yes, A-10A can use Mavericks. Hotel models will lock onto CONTRAST in terms of visible spectrum IIRC, and Delta models will lock onto INFRARED contrast (a tank on the ground which is hotter than the ground). Locking up aircraft is difficult because the sensor is limited to a speed which the target is moving at, or angular speed. Mavericks are an air-to-ground missile so you shouldn't really ever use it for shooting at airplanes.
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