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  1. Hi just to say that it working now. The templates are beautiful and make Life at air base thanks so much Eduardo. fly safe! pierre
  2. i will do that ! thanks so much for the help. i appreciate and thanks for the templates Pierre
  3. thanks for the quick reply but sorry i do not find the static template in my save game folder.. can you give me the exact path? or what i am doing wrong? thanks so much
  4. hi, thanks for making so nice templates. sorry for the question , but i am new with mod in dcs. where do i put the. stm files ? thanks in advance for help have nice flights Pierre
  5. Thanks so much Rudel_chw. I Will try that.you've made my day! see you in the sky. have Nice flights
  6. Thanks so much Sirrah for the answers. sad that its not possible but it stay a beautiful combat simulator. have a nice flights Pierre
  7. hi, i am beginner with the mission editor. i ve created a small mission for myself. questions : i create a wingman on the parking stand near me. The mission begin, and i just want that the wingman start the engine just when the leader starts his engine, and not before.. how can i do that? and second : how can i make an ai plane ( ex fa18) fly an airport circuit (take off,downwing, base ,finale, and touch and go ) for 5 minutes as example?to make animation of the airbase as a trainer.. its just because not to draw about 50 waypoints to make this circuit. Help will be appreciate a
  8. Hello again, Does anybody know the exact procedure when after landing, at the parking stand, to make the stairs to appear ? Thanks Pierre
  9. hi again, i ve tried , but strange it appears 5 sec and then disappear. i am in cold start parking stand , no batterie .. and parking brakes on.. batumi airport .. any idea? thanks
  10. Thanks so much Steph 21 for the quick reply Never look at an outside view once the flight is over. I Will test! Nice flights to all guys
  11. Hi Just a curious question about the Manual On page 48 we see a beautiful picture of the mirage 2000 . They are stairs .. How to make this'staircase appear ? Thanks in advance Have Nice flights with the 2000 Pierre
  12. Thanks so much I thought it was in the normandy scenery I Will try with ME Nice flights Pierre
  13. Hello A question of newbie! I Ve seen many vidéos of normandy and Dcs. In Harbors or on the sea they are many boats.. warships.. I do not see when i fly the map.. I m not flying any solo and multiplayer missions. Just flying on the map. And its empty Any help,explanations Will be appreciate Thanks in advance Pierre
  14. Hi Thanks'so much Panzertard for the help. I Ve tried all the manipulations, no success Dxwebsetup,i,download but when i install'its says that i have a more récent version installed. I use win10 and don t find How to download and install only directx again . SFC/scann now does not find any anomalies ... And i Ve install c++ librairies..2005/7/12 Dcs always crash. That all,for today :) Following the next issue !:) Regards, Pierre
  15. Good evening, some news ! I still can not fly dcs. always the ctd. I cleaned my pc and performed several manipulations, without succeses. here is the new log and dxdiag. d3d11.dll seems no longer appears. is there another problem? Can someone analyze the dxdiag and log for me ? I am not pro in this area. i ve read hundred of pages on differents forums ... no solution... thanks a lot for the help. will appreciate a lot and hope i can fly again one day the best sim :dcs ! dcs.log-20181215-130607.zip
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