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    Začnime lietať
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    I own viggen also, so I know how it should works, but at now it is impossible to reset ins drift as before via using OBL button. I created wpt over significant mark and I noticed drift which was unable to reset.
  3. lukynoo92


    Hello, Is it possible to update INS, because using OBL or NAV update button doesn´t seem to work (REC button is not lighting, not blinking, nothing). Can you explain me, how to update INS, or it is not possible at this moment. Thank you very much.
  4. Hi all. I would like to ask you some questions. Is it possible to ask a Jester to set a wpt altitude? For example, I get coordinates from jtac/fac, I ask a Jester to create surface tgt wpt, then he creates it, but... if I want to use lantirn, it goes to that wpt, but to the alt 0, so it looks under the ground. How to manually enter altitude for wpts if you dont have a human rio? Many thank you.
  5. Thank you very much. It works
  6. Hi all, I am not able to drop chaffs. Flares working ok (ECM dispense FWD), but ECM dispense AFT is not working. When I push ECM dispense right, I drop flares and chaffs simultaneously, so only AFT button is not working.
  7. Hello, First of al, thank you for your effort. I´ve tried your mod, but it is not working for all planes. For example, I tried Su25, and it is not recognising any farp, surface, mat, area,... nothing. It is not possible to rearm there. MiG21 - main landing gear crashes to it and it stays damaged. Front gear is ok when is on your farp, but main gear damages when it touchs your farp. I have tried many types, places and also your template, but it is not working. With helicopters is everything ok, but those planes as I mentioned are bugged. Thank you
  8. lukynoo92


    Hello, I would like to ask you something about incoming MAC. It is needed for somebody who already owns for example MiG21, buy MAC to get access for mac version of it? If somebody owns all modules from mac, but he would like to fly those planes with “easy” avionics (as it will be in mac), does he need to buy mac version? Thank you
  9. Yes, but sa6 is really old and those missiles are missing also
  10. Hello, I am asking abou trigger in mission editor. It is “missile in zone”, there are many missiles, but I think, that not all of dcs missiles are there. For example, I am not able to find sa2/3/6 missiles, etc. Are those missiles there, or not?
  11. Hello, Is it possible to use the same maps in your app, as in DCS? Thanks
  12. Hello, In some light conditions when some reflections (from the sun) are on the canopy, there are some strange square textures on it. See picture. Thanks
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