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  1. Unless you're in a MP server, facing people who know how to defend missiles... in that case, 7nm is the sweetspot (below 20k, provided the bandit isn't cold). Boresight mode has a range of 20nm, HMCS in bore mode + amraams is a perfectly valid option, specially when the radar refuses to get a lock in CRM mode (which usually happens when the bandit is just outside WVR).
  2. Why would I be talking about real JDAMs? Ideally you should be using HARMs for that, but if they get intercepted, use walleyes instead. I repeat, JDAMs in DCS are very unreliable, they're a waste of pylon space in most cases (specially GBU-38s), they'll miss the target half of the time (if you're lucky).
  3. 1- The comparative "than" doesn't belong in that sentence 2- The hornet was released back in 2018 and it's still not finished... do you honestly think that's "A class" service?
  4. If you want accuracy, switch to laser-guided weapons or JSOWs. JDAMs aren't reliable, regardless of launch parameters.
  5. The way I have it set in the hornet, A/A weapon selection is done with a single button press, without the need to hold it down (I hate having to hold down buttons in combat, but that's just me). Anyway, my misgivings regarding the viper's general operation have more to do with the fact that the pilot must sacrifice either radar or HSD to do essential stuff (also, the MFDs are small, which makes matters worse). As for countermeasure management, I was referring to the bypass mode. The hornet has separate commands for chaff and flares, which makes for a perfect bypass mode
  6. I'm afraid it's not possible, there's no way to script keyboard commands, afaik. However, you can use voice command software instead, which can execute any number of keyboard + mouse combinations with a single voice command. I've recently created a voice command profile for the tomcat (to spare me the torture of using the Jester wheel menu) and the results are quite awesome. I used the free version of VoiceBot to do this, it works well for the most part. (Sometimes it'll have trouble recognizing certain words, so you'll need to try alternative ones, no
  7. Your minivan can't do mach 1.6, no matter how much you strip it No reason, I just pointed out that the warthog is a niche aircraft with annoying limitations
  8. The hornet needs to be flown and operated just like the viper or the jeff (they all have fly-by-wire), there's nothing special about the hornet that singles it out in this regard. If it's almost a UAV, then the viper and the jeff are too, since those also use flight computers. Come on, the viper's TPOD doesn't even have proper snowplow or vector modes, it's a PITA just to reset it, HUD indicators are off, it's still barebones... so painful that I don't even equip it. If you find the hornet's TPOD harder to operate/more annoying than that, you must be do
  9. A stripped down hornet (no wing pylons, ~50% fuel) is practically as fast as the viper in DCS... quite the ferrari You definitely don't want to face one of those in combat (even less now that the hornet is finally getting ECM, which will render TWS useless). As for the warthog, it's an excellent CAS platform, but it lacks standoff weapons, requires fighter escort and it's slower than a P-51. It can't compete with hornet, viper or jeff when it comes to pounding heavily defended bases in the presence of enemy CAP... I love it, though.
  10. I honestly don't get all that hornet hate. Hornet is very pilot-friendly, intuitive, forgiving, packs all sorts of awesome toys, makes everything easy, etc. The only real problem it has is that it's underpowered (disappointing acceleration and top speed when carrying a standard loadout), if it weren't for that, it would be utterly OP. It's also curious to see that some people find it less intuitive than the viper, in my case it was the opposite. For example, I expected the viper to have a very straightforward selective jettison system (since external f
  11. Oh, ofc, I assumed you were running the script on a dedicated server, net commands are for server environment only. Why do you need the ucids, exactly? There might be other ways of achieving your goal.
  12. Aside from the missing parenthesis, the script might not be fully protected against nil errors caused by missing groups. I doubt that this line alone will cut it, since it might return true even if the groups aren't actually present (just having them listed in the mission database is enough, I think): if Group.getByName(tbl[i]) then To make sure, I'd use :isExist() instead (or in addition to it) if Group.getByName(tbl[i]) and Group.getByName(tbl[i]):isExist() then
  13. I'd need to see the full function to give you a better answer, since I don't know where you're getting playerID from (a server event handler, maybe?). Looks like you specified the optional attribute "ucid" via valid string, so net.get_player_info should return that value only, instead of the whole table... Have you verified that the returned value is indeed a string/number and not the whole table, a nil value or something else? (It never hurts to use tostring() in cases like this, just to make sure that whatever comes out will be a string) Yo
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