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    I have played simulations most of my 50 year adult life. Always wanted to be a fighter pilot - bad eyes were just the start on why that career choice never panned out. I've flown simulators since the "early days" of Falcon AT.
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  1. Thanks @Grennymaster -- That $500 USD mark is what I remember allocating in my mind. MSFS 2020 - yeah, that makes sense. I am a patient man as it relates to this hobby. I have a perfectly fine HOTAS setup and don't have $500 burning a hole in my pocket (let alone $1000+). Thanks for the response!!
  2. One of the "luxuries" I've always eyed has been a high end Thrustmaster HOTAS system (Cougar, Warthog). I've never been in a place to justify the purchase price. I just don't play enough and my "mid-range" HOTAS has always been "good enough" (currently have a T.16000M). I've recently been playing more and entertaining thoughts of getting a Warthog. Those thoughts were quickly dashed by $1,000+ USD price tags. I don't remember the price of these systems being so high. Has the supply gone down and driven up the price? Is there a general shortage of the Warthog?
  3. Ordered mine a couple weeks ago and it just went to print. Can't wait! Great idea for a merch store, @baltic_dragon
  4. Thanks for making the campaign more accessible to the masses. I am a raw "nugget" in the F-18 and am working though training right now. Want to work myself up to this campaign (already purchased). I purchased the book and completed and am now on the second book. Can't wait to get proficient enough with the Hornet to tackle this campaign. Thanks @baltic_dragon
  5. I am trying to learn the Hornet and using Overkill's videos to guide me along. In the referenced video below, at 10:03, he opens the radio and creates aircraft as targets during the mission itself. Can someone point me to how this is done? Thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08MLqgsg3sY
  6. Guilty as charged. Purchased.
  7. Oh man .... Lunar Sale is making it hard to resist picking this up! First time I've seen this module on sale.
  8. A little necro here - @Pac-Man - Thank you for spending your valuable time and sharing your experiences with us. I am a long time DCS guy, and have owned the Hornet since early release. Decided to finally give it a shot. Thanks for being my virtual instructor pilot!
  9. Thanks Haukka81 - I will give that a shot. Update: The file uploaded. Its so large at 600+ pages that it can't be spiral bound. 8.5x11 size full color is $38 before shipping. Good to know that it can be printed. Now I have to weigh the value against the cost. At $24 shipped, it seemed like a decent value... not so sure at $40+
  10. If only I could get the A-10C manual to upload to their site. Something about fonts not being embedded in the PDF. :mad: I was able to upload the Gazelle manual just as a test, but don't really have a need for the printed manual at this time. I will certainly use this service when the need arises. Glad to hear others are having success with the service.
  11. Thanks Pikey!! I am new to the MOOSE world and remembered this video as I watched it the other day. I knew MOOSE could do it, but just didn't know where. Of course --- Spawn(). Thanks for jumping in and squaring away my poor advice! :music_whistling: Just posted on Discord asking for the code example.
  12. So sorry to hear this. What a loss to ED and our entire community. Sending prayers to his entire family.
  13. I think you can accomplish this in MOOSE. It may not be exactly what you're asking for, but it appears you could have one tanker RTB and another spawn and replace it. Below is a video describing Finite State Machines in MOOSE and at about the 15 min mark, FlightControl discusses an example. I think you could take that example and modify it to your needs. Might be worth a try.
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