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  1. Hello Guys! Can you tell me, if there is any info on when the new cockpit model is expected to be implemented? I am really looking forward to this. :)
  2. I checked when I finished my update, for me at least it is using all the 4 cores in the exact same manner. It is so beautifully optimized for the four cores, I wanted to cry :D
  3. I might be missing something here but in VR when in multiplayer the row of buttons named above are not clickable, "players pool" and "return to spectators" buttons seem just fine. Please help me :)
  4. Dear All! I am having an issue and thought to post here first instead of a support ticket. I happen to need to reinstall my OS therefore I started to deactivate all my mods to reactivate them after fresh install. The problem is that on of my modules, namely the A-10C ran out of deactivations last time I did similarly. Star force should give an extra after 31 days, at least that is what the support page says, but as the last deactivation was over a year ago, it clearly did not happen. Thank you in advance for your suggestions.
  5. Thanks Guys! I already managed to sort it out, just needed a nesting software to separate the parts more on the sheet, MyNesting 4.30 did the job perfectly to separate them around 20mm minimal distance and there is no more problem with the 12mm cutter size any more. Basicly they only had a 12mm cutter by the way, they told me the 5mm one would break coutting that thick plywood :)
  6. Dear All! I have a slight problem I would like to ask your help about. I recently started a simple cockpit project, I want to have it based on Jedi's cockpit plans oprimized by geneb. My problem is that the plans are optimized for a 5mm cutter head and the guys who are cutting the are working with a 12mm one, therefore at some places there is not enough room between parts. Anybody knows a good solution or software that can optimize the dxf plans? Not a cad rawing expert at all :( Thank you very much for the help.
  7. +1 Would be nice to have an option to switch between them...
  8. "...hover over this text for 2 seconds" this is that works in 1.5.3 and does not in 2.0.2 just if you Alt-Tab. I don't have an Xbox controller and didn't figure out the key on the keyboard :D
  9. Hello Guys! Just looked into the new version of patch 2.0.2, probably it is fixed for the Hawk, but I cannot assess it as I am not available to get into the cockpit. - Join to MP server results in crash every single time you press the fly button on brifeing page. - fast mission doesn't even start most of the times - Crashes when try to enter through the mission editor as well Please not that I use oculus rift with runtime 1.3 and latest nvidia drivers on a gtx 970. Tried repair DCS openalpha as well no improvement. One more thing, for some reason you cannot bypass Oculus r
  10. Ah, I didn't realize that number "2" in the second column, my bad good Sir, apologies :)
  11. Indeed, but the OP specificly mentioned DCSW 1.5, which is already updated to runtime 1.3 ;) With the DK2 I tend to use original resolution and mixing high/medium settings, and in 1.5.3 the framerates are more than enjoyable, not manage to get 75 all the time though, but nevertheless the 1.3 runtime is way way better than was before. Also make sure you have the (in case you are on the green side) latest Nvidia drivers, which already have the VR support.
  12. WAs the same for me, I uninstalled and reinstalled the web installer and worked like a charm afterwards :)
  13. Jeesus


    Hey Steve! To one extent I agree with your concept, but not for the TF-51. At the end of the day the TF-51 comes free of charge so better to hook your friend in a formation flying excersize where both of you are pilots ;)
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