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  1. Bunyap, Thank you for releasing such an incredible product! The research you put into this is incredible. You've done a yeoman's job!
  2. Ironically, Red Flag campaigns are the most realistic experience of air war you can get in DCS, currently. The Nevada map is the most fully-developed (besides the Caucasus) and you can deploy literally every type of contemporary unit into the scenarios. Plus there's plenty of literature on how Red Flag functioned in the real world.
  3. In terms of modern aircraft, DCS presents a mid-'90s to present-day feel. I'd like to see the GR1 and GR4 with precision strike capability. That fits the theaters of DCS, particularly the Persian Gulf and Syria.
  4. Thanks to you all for replying. Does anyone know what ED uses to create their videos, especially their insane trailers?
  5. Better yet, can the skinning community get revved up and develop historical air wings that authentically reflect the compositions and liveries of specific air wings during specific deployments/eras? That would be yuuuuuuuuge.
  6. Sorry if this sounds like a noob question. But I've searched the forums and can't find an answer. How do I film in-game footage??? Thanks,
  7. Contact Raytheon Technologies. They might be able to assist.
  8. Bruh, I was 13 when this picture was taken!
  9. Seeing a lot of fictional skins out there. Anyone still interested in doing real-life skins? I'd like to see this for the F-14A: VF-213 in the 1990s, one of my favorites.
  10. DCS is a very ambitious project, something that's never been attempted in the history of gaming. Therefore, we should all expect to be "WIP" for years to become. It's possible we'll never really enjoy its full potential until later this decade. I realize how frustrating this is, but I'd rather have DCS in its buggy, unfinished state than not at all. As for "profits over product maintenance," find me a company that doesn't do that. Any business venture that doesn't make money won't survive. That's it. A business that doesn't try to make money doesn't deserve to exist. DCS is a produ
  11. I'm confused - the A-6E is supposed to be AI-only, right? So why does everyone keep talking about the cockpit?
  12. What a great year that was! And awesome screenshot!
  13. LOL The pilot and RIO looking sideways out at the camera!
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