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  1. normal alignment of the INS? would you be referring to letting the INS complete to 8 before switching to nav or?
  2. According to the Belsimtek website, it is going to be released in sometime in spring. I would estimate that from anywhere at the end of this month to June.
  3. I think if Kinney Interactive restarted the kickstarter it would be a lot more successful this time. I think the major problem was people did not know about it and it was too late to donate when they found out.
  4. I Hope its not too late, the days i dont check the forums i miss out on the hawk.
  5. Okay Thanks! It would help if there website was actually working!
  6. DCS F-35? Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone knew if Kinney Interactive were still doing the F-35. I know that they did not reach there Funding Goal but maybe they still decided to do it. If anyone knows that would be Great!
  7. When Starting up make sure that your throttle is fully off before pressing Alt + Home or Ctrl + Home. I had the same problem and this was the Fix for me. Hope this Helps.:thumbup:
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