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  1. So that's mean there will be no voice "LOCK" in dogfight mode?
  2. This efect is compleatly overdone, its looking nice but in reality it should look like 2d small fire so you could do that simpler way with less impact on performance if there is any.
  3. That's a bug cos only non export versions are made of Stalinium.
  4. Press "S" button once, its "cobra" button in SU-27. SU-33 in SU-30 it also enables movable engine nozzles, but flight model is buggy and messy, and have nothing to do with thrust vectoring except for higher AOA. So i would wait for EFM to be finished. SU-27 and SU-33 have incredible flight models, and they bahaves exactly like real ones in post stall/tail slide etc.
  5. Put the "Su-30MK_SFM" folder into C drive> users> your user name> saved games> dcs open beta> create "Mods" folder> inside Mods folder create "aircraft" folder> put there "Su-30MK_SFM" folder> make sure to put inside Su-30MK_SFM folder Lua entry file downloaded with the mod, i couldn't start it at first becouse of that. No one mentionts about this... In mission editor choose russia and viola you have it. But to make EFM "thrust vectoring to work" set EFM in entry lua to "true" from "false" Nice mode waiting for EFM to finish. Dont try any crazy m
  6. Just got the message from user support: "products from bundle can not be exchanged, refunded or transferred to another account" im gonna have to ask them to delete it cos everytime i start DCS I got info about su-33 module instalatio wchich is annoying. There shouldn't be a way to buy for yourself the same module. It should work same way as in Steam so, every time you buy a bunndle of DLC's the price is reduced by amount of owned DLC for the same game.
  7. On some of them (flat ones) you will be able to land, and after stopping rearm option will show up. Not sure if they will have arresting cables for F-18
  8. Have you watched those videos below? How can you even compare Eagle Dynamics experience vs Polychop where ED have alredy done Ka-50, Huey, Mi-8, and now they making next 2 helicopters? Mi-8 and Mi-24 are in real simulators out there teaching real pilots. How can you ever think about buying something else than Mi-24. Of course no one is perfect even ED had to tune flight model of Huey but they got it right. Even if you are not a pilot but when you look from external view that heli is behaving like real thing. While gazelle looks like is done in some part time. Sorry to say but i think most of t
  9. The question is how to do it right? We can go As Kombat style with simple flight models some story and new consoles, or go WT with mouse control and a some more realism something like FC3 But on consoles and pc with flight models that have some boundaries to help new players. To get new casual players you need to have visuals and DCS certainly have that and after Top Gun 2 there will be a big jump with sellings F-18 probably and other flight sims, so it would be nice to have MAC ready after that.
  10. Reinstalling didn't helped me, maybe if i would reinstall windows something would change but im not going to check that.
  11. Have the same question cos i have it with sc as well. And would like to give it to a friend to start with dcs. I own FC3, so no point to have it separately.
  12. Yeah i did it myself some time ago, i always liked menu music from FAL*ON Allied Force an my new screen prepares me for flying my next mission above desert.
  13. I had the same problem (stuck on starting screen) out of 10 tries to start DCS it started maybe 2 times, i had to open task manager and force it to close. As guys suggestion above, solution to this is to turn off fullscreen. After that DCS starts normally every single time.
  14. How about low poly planes that we currently have in DCS that need an upgrade? Planes that can fit better into DCS scenarios and could have some use in the coming Dynamic Campaign. B-1 B-52 C-17 F-117 S-3 Su-17 Tu-142 Tu-160 Tu-95
  15. I was thinking about the same. Maybe its a bug?
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