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  1. Thats nice! How are they against infantry? Remember needing direct hits with AP which was quite hard to do
  2. How are the new HE belts and how do you select them? Not able to try until two weeks so happy to hear some inputs here
  3. Good video of the P in use: I hope they are able to recreate the fireball created by the 30mm
  4. T0x1s

    Skins wishlist

    I'd like to see a Syrian Mi-24. Would fit very well with the Syrian map :)
  5. I really hope we can see the V version later on. I understand the reason behind the P variant and I'm looking forward to use the 30mm but I believe the V variant will be a nice addition together with multi crew once that is completed :)
  6. T0x1s

    V or VP

    I would love a V as well. Anyone knows what changes need to be made for the V variant? Changing the exterior model ofc but I was thinking more of things inside the cockpit.
  7. What texture pack do you use? :)
  8. Anyone know how to reset the maverick seeker so it is positioned in the front of the nose again? :/
  9. Same here. Seconds from drop one of the Blackhawks crashed into me :/
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