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  1. I started learning C++ and can create simple arithmetic programs (Useing Code Blocks). But my level of codeing is too primitive to edit ''.lua'' files. Could anybody give me an advice or a prompt how to add to the HUD G-indicator and Gun-cross (not-movable funnel) and which file should be edited?
  2. Link (file 300mb) on the first page doesn`t work. Pleace, refresh it. P.S. I wanted to compare CpSmile`s and SkatZilla`s updated aircrafts. The first one is more sensitive. May be I am mistaken. Or this is the result of AOA limitter. P.S.S. In Open Beta 1.2.8 Trakir doesn`t work with mod.
  3. Nice job! I`m glad to fly this aircraft. There are some questions: 1.Which flight model is used? (Su-33 or F-15 or Su-27 or Mig-29) 2.Why the G-load is limited by 6,0?
  4. Confirmed data. I converted it in to meters and kilograms. Used this convertor: http://www.unitjuggler.com/index.html 1.Weights empty: 16,285 pounds = 7386 kg 2.Climb rate: 62,000 feet per minute = 315 m/sec 3.Thrust with afterburner: 23,830 lb.s.t. = 10809 kg force But according to F-16A manual max thrust of PW-200 is 25,000 lb (11339 kg)
  5. SkateZilla, may I ask you a favour? 1.Could you add G-indicator into the HUD? 2.Could you correct weight and climbrate according to real parameters of F16-A? I corrected Weight in F-16Demo.lua and the same about thrust, but not sure if it works. I`m asking for help, because I have no special knowledge to it by myself. I wouldn`t bother you if I could do this. Best regards
  6. CptSmiley, You misunderstood me. I know that this project is simple demonstration (not a module, not an addon, not a mod). I meant that will there be small improvements like as airbrake and G-meter on HUD and weight\climbrate corrected. And that is all I expected (nothing more) :-)
  7. That`s the Finish of this project, isn`t it? Are there any other improvements that could be done later ?
  8. Guys, for the begining you should make it in FC3 level - less time for development and more pleasure for users. After continue making clickable cockpit.
  9. Is it correct to change parametres in ''F-16.lua'' file ? Well, if the data about tech charactereristics is inside noticed file, a few important parameters needed to be corrected: 1. Empty weight - 7386 kg (16,285 pounds) 2. Initial Climb rate - 314 m/sec (62,000 feet per minute) Source: http://www.f-16.net/f-16_versions_article3.html
  10. I noticed that in ''F16Demo.lua'' there is wrong parameter. Acording to docs and www.F-16.net source empty weight of F16A (block-20) is not 8853 kg but real is 7386 kg! Does this parameter (exactely in current file) have an influnce on thrust/weight ratio??? This mistake should be fixed, cuz all small details are important to overcome an enemy. Guys, your work is brilliant! Could you add G-indicator to the HUD ?
  11. Could you share files for "test HUD" ? Landing and maneuvering are to difficult without any parameters
  12. Why this mod doesn`t use external model from DCSW? (as someone said - "enemy sees Su-27 instead of F-16 model unless mod is downloaded by all players) Sometimes model becomes invisible at distance ~2-3 km. Will there be a new external model ?
  13. Great job man! I`m using it for gunfight at my personal server with my "gunmates", that`s why i asked about FUNNEL (gun mode of the HUD). Can you implement only Funnel without any systems and other radar-lock targetting? But one more problem - other players in multiplayer game see Su-27 model instead of F-16 model. How can it be fixed?
  14. Удивляюсь, почему до сих пор кикстартер не начался.
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