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  1. Hi, The MAV D's are a little jumpy at present and rely AFAIK on being able to see a nice contrasty target and to be within range and not outside of the cone of view. You can manually move the seeker but it will choose whatever it sees best rather than what you want. I would use the SPI to designate the target and keep trying TMS up short on approach until it locks. Keep an eye on the MAV screen as if a lampost is a better contrasty, that's where it will go. You can realign the MAV to the original target with CHINA HAT FWD LONG even if its locked and fire. There is a
  2. From my experience the CBU 97 works exceptionally well with the LASTE. If you place a SPI in the middle of a group of vehicles, lower the HOF to 900 and engage the LASTE for 'BOTH' you will see that no matter where you fly in from and whatever height you will get a very good destructive shot. Also, when you set the LASTE to BOTH use the MFCD to switch it allowing you to see how the HUD indicators change to suit your dir and height, depending on the wind. Try it at default HOF, Lowered HOF, lowered HOF with LASTE on both and watch the difference, it really does work.
  3. Sorry if this has been done before. The ability to sit in each aircraft so that you can help people learn as they are flying and see what they are doing... also when using playback to get a better view without using multiple tracks.
  4. If you have just bought a Huey in the sales and need a little help come and join me and I will get you started. From 10.30 AM GMT Sat 2nd November You will also be able to join in too. Mell
  5. Persian Gulf Hey Apache, still using your missions and crediting of course. I just wondered when your PG mission will be available? ;-) Keep up the great work ( I know how much effort goes into these things) Mell
  6. Confused I may have got this wrong but is this for simply picking up the cargo or for carrying it? If picking it up surely you can tell where the cargo is and position your chopper so that the cargo is centred just under the silver quilted panel over your left shoulder... sorry if I am missing the point.
  7. Hi APACHE, I have found an issue with the Kras Map under mode: VERY HARD. That's the one with ships and a landing at the beach east of ANAPA. Some of the beach landing vehicles didn't quite make it and are on the sea bed and as such are indestructible, ergo we cant complete the mission, so we have to restart the map. I guess its due to the subtle changes with the new version of the map. Also, does the whole enemy group have to be 'dead' or a % to succeed? Would you be able to set it so that various missions can be concurrent so that a group can be running a HELO mission whilst the
  8. Just after the update using the same sever and map as used for ages... two players on the map in Hueys. When one of them picks up a sling load the other experiences black flashing as though the rotors are passing the front of the screen and are BIG and square. At first I thought my card was going. It also happened in the F2 view. When the load was released they went away and came back when another load was collected. There are also 'odd' graphical glitches occurring to from something which was quite stable.
  9. And finally..... Ok, when DCS was updated....... so was my graphics card driver. Along with SHADOW PLAY!!! And there we have it. I wasn't using it but it was enabled, disable it and it works fine. So if you have had any issues try that. My apologies to DCS :thumbup: Mell
  10. I tried other keys also windowed/full screen. I reverted to V 1.2.8 and still nothing, although the reversion didn't help particularly but without doing a full re0install it was inconclusive. I have one friend who has no issue and another in the same boat. Still weird.
  11. Hi,I tried that too. I also tried removing the 'DCS' folder under the users, that made no difference either (just in case something odd had occurred in my settings for the game). Mell
  12. I have tried both to no avail. I have moved it on a bit but with weird results. I pondered whether DCS was allowing the keystrokes 'out' and to test this I started up FRAPs and set the same keys to perform basic functions within FRAPS, such as snaphot and switch the FPS overlay on and off. I was quite surprised to se that once I pressed the necessary buttons FRAPS worked fine, so too did TRACK IR!!! I unloaded FRAPs and TrackIR stopped working as before. I uninstalled Track IR and the USB driver and then re installed, still it will not respond within game. So, any ideas? :crazy:
  13. OK, now I have tried everything. Removed keys that I am using across every profile and still no pause/centre. Tested again in TrackIR screen and works fine. A friends works OK but mine cannot work with the same buttons so I am thinking that maybe TIR is the issue when the game is running, in as much as it is not seeing any Key presses from the game however it works fine in other games. All has been fine since I have had TIR 5 and DCS which is for some time. Any possible ideas? cheers Mell
  14. OK thanks, seems odd its as though the TIR software inst receiving any keystrokes when DCS is active. I will spend more time and see what I can find. cheers
  15. Anybody noticed that TRACK IR doesn't seem able to pause or centre any more? I have cleared any key bindings reapplied by update and it works fine out of game, but in game cant pause or re centre? Is it just me? Cheers Mell
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