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  1. *sigh* he also claims "SPEED 2" and "lock on dogfight". :lol:
  2. Why people insist on wmv instead of XviD quantizer=2 is beyond me.
  3. I think another RvE in that thread finished his post with "over and out" :lol:
  4. 4 whooping megabits/second for the video (193MB) alone and audio in PCM format (191MB), WTF? Anyone ever heard of AAC? I reencoded it and got a nice 119MB as final size (24MB for the audio).
  5. I've been saying that for a year now, and all I got was warnings from dumbass mods and admins.
  6. WRONG. Even a private forum is subjected to RESPECT rights - in this case, FREEDOM of speech. YOU get used to it.
  7. http://portal.unesco.org/ci/en/ev.php-URL_ID=1605&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html Oops :( Wether private forum or not. Get used to it.
  8. I see. :megalol: Thank god where I live we got freedom of speach.
  9. Any game with starcrap in it isn't worth one peny.
  10. Ignorance is bliss. Range without sacrificing weapons? 2 engines are always better than one? Not having to be on US' balls all the time to get parts, upgrades, "open source" for hardware code? NOT A GREAT LEAP YOU SAY? :megalol:
  11. Excuse me. PAC-3 ? Is that it? 15km range? You want THAT to intercept ballistic missiles? :megalol:
  12. I find it funny that people talk about realism, but when it comes down to adding the Python 3/4 there is always an excuse. AIM-9P? Hell yes. Some other crap missile? In. Python for the sake of realism? Feck no.
  13. Like we say in another forum: STUPID, close the thread and ban everybody.
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