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  1. So I finally got more time to fly Su-27 with PFM One of most annoying things I’ve noticed (as well as other community members) is crazy pitch down tendency when switching to direct control mode. I did some reading of forum posts (not everything) but I did not find satisfying explanation of this behavior. So decided to make small investigation as such behavior would make aircraft extremely dangerous to fly in real life and seemed like modeling fault. So I did read FCS description at: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/products/flanker/?PAGEN_2=2 We do have block diagram
  2. Thank Pman for comprehensive reply, I appreciate it. As for Ells reply: That is indeed very good reference. As a men with some aviation background I can say that sometimes may be not enough. OK. Why do you develop EFM then? (rhetorical question) As for Jekyll and Hyde I meant my wrong feeling of totally different approach to realism between modules that was already explained by Pman – Thanks again. SiThSpAwN interpretation of Jekyll and Hyde seems to be much better and a lot funnier though.:megalol: “...I'll take his word over yours thank you, so we'll l
  3. TBH I’m more and more confused reading VEAO members posts. One time you canceling a project because you are not allowed to make accurate systems modeling, other time you say that you going to “emulate” systems and procedures. Which one it is? Don’t get me wrong, but Typhoon and its “classified status” seems to be very convenient for you, as a developer, since almost everything can be regarded as classified. Now let’s look at Typhoon systems: flight dynamics, engine performance, comm suite, EW suite, radar & PIRATE, weapons, detailed system modelling may be (and probably will be)
  4. I've got a question regarding re-texture of aiming sight glass. From Youtube videos and some screenshots, I've noticed that only one side of glass has reflectiveness applied to it, and because of that mentioned glass looks infinitely thin and looks not so correct, especially in the area near support brackets (ther is no matted squares). I believe that textures/properties of side edges of glass are just missing. Look at the edges of real glass - they are very distinctive and a bit brighter/darker (depending on angle) then glass itself. So my question would be whether you plan to improve
  5. Really? Flying and fighting over the modern cities with apatrment buildings, harbors that look current etc., taking of from runways with ILS, PRMG equipment etc. fits mote to this enviroment than F-15? I...just don't know how to respond to that. The messy midpoint that will last for some long time I think. There is no moderation what stuff is being developed as far as I know. Once WWII will be more or less sorted we will have Korea, Vietnam projects and so on that will last forever. As far as why should you go buy another sim when you like DCS? - why shouldn't you buy if you enjoy WWII
  6. A little bit yes. You see, adding warbirds that do not fit, at all, into current battlefield (both regarding map, year and other equipment present in the sim) is not combat simulation but Si-Fi simulation of alternative universe. I would not mind if some company have bought DCS engine and made separate and proper WWII sim (with all units, maps etc.) Instead we have what we have now, altogether with very vocal part of community that wants more WWII (or now civilian planes:doh:) in DCS while there are there at least 2 preety good WWII sims (also good civ sims). Sarcasm on: Hey WWI fans, wh
  7. Pit skinning is going in good direction I think. I don’t know, pretty much, anything about texturing, but as former scale modeler, I think I could share thing or two. I know that this is still WIP and I remember when I watched Rudel doing some textures (on Twitch) and sometimes I was thinking WTF? is he doing? It is not going to work! Just to say Wow! few minutes later. Anyway. Scratches and peeled paint are ok, as long as, they make sense ie. there is the reason/possibility to have them because someone is often hitting it with for example boots or helmet etc. or just touchin
  8. Well, idea of having civilian aircraft inside DCS is IMHO strange for the lack of better word. The "C" in DCS should keep meaning something. The way I see it: DCS is already being dissolved by WWII(and a little bit by trainers), adding civilian aircraft would not be good for it, I believe. So big NO for civ aircraft from me.
  9. No MiG-23ML only MF BMP-1 BMP-2 (retired) BRDM-2 Grad Gvozdika Igla Kub Osa S-125 Shilka Zu-23 OHP frigate HMMWV Leopard 2A4 and 2A5 Sniped
  10. Surely +1 Lets hope we won't have to wait for 3rd party map to have Poland in DCS as hinted by some guy that loves giving hints.:smilewink:
  11. I’ve noticed some possible bugs concerning Canopy freezing and Pitot system freezing During flight in atmosphere in icing conditions (as stated in manual: temperature is between 0oC and -10oC (32F / 14F) while your IAS is between 400 - 500 km/h) with both Pitot tube heaters off (CL74 & CL75) as expected I’ve noticed reading discrepancies for altitude, IAS, TAS and M (all eventually went to 0) but little to no discrepancy with reading of vertical speed values. Additionally I’ve lost reading od AOA (needle stuck at 0 position)So: Bug no.1 Freezing conditions are present in game wh
  12. New flares itself are looking really good. On the other hand, smoke trails they now produce is a big step backward IMO. It is no longer "shattered" for a lack of better world (like flare is no longer rotating in the air). Moreover smoke trail seems to dissipate too quickly.
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