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  1. Same situation here. Not showing in MM. Have tried running Powershell. Order No. 424660. .dcs.zip
  2. Just recently purchased a 980ti, will be waiting for 1080ti to make an appearance.:thumbup:
  3. Great choice Wrecking Crew! I bought the same model about 6 weeks ago and am very happy so far. Although my Gtx 980 struggles at 4K on most games, including DCS World, sadly. Waiting for NVidia Pascal with baited breath.
  4. Apparently, this issue has been resolved.:thumbup:http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/downloads/
  5. Thanks for the reply guys. Well, its off to PC World for me then. Watch this space.:thumbup:
  6. Can I ask you a question? You state that are getting 60fps at 4K. I thought HDMI was limited to 30fps at 4K. Does this TV have DisplayPort input? I have been holding off buying a 4K TV for this very reason. THX.
  7. I should have been more specific. Exit the simulation and on your desktop select Start/Control Panel/Display Settings/set text to 100%, save and sign out/in to Windows. Restart DCS World 2.0 Alpha. This is a known issue, same with 1.5.1.
  8. You may have your text settings set above 100%. Go to Control Panel/Display/Text Settings and make sure it is set at 100%.
  9. Sniped again. Ratio should be whatever your monitor/screen is. Mine is 16:9.
  10. Drummer, when you changed your screen to 100%, did you sign out of Windows and then back in before going back into DCS World 1.5?
  11. This seems to be related to display settings if set above 100%. Had mine set at 150% (recommended) and could only see top left of main menu. Windows 10 Start/Settings/System/Display/100%. Works now but text etc is way too small.
  12. Cry. Because my life will have become....just that little bit better.:smilewink:
  13. Log in to your ED account and go to Profile\ License Check. Worked for me.
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