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  1. Thank you Louisv, but I think I didn't make it very clear, I simply mentioned I have track-IR, but my question was about a good profile that used the worthog hotas, but without pedal support. Also: Not sure if it's still a bug (as of June 2013) but I can't seem to get the EAC warning light to go off. I know there was an issue, but hasn't that been sorted out?
  2. UPDATE: I have it all working now... No idea what it was. I don't have pedals, but I do have Track-IR... Is there a mapped profile I can load with all the buttons in the right place?
  3. Update: Something odd happened last night. I tried a system restore to a couple of days ago, when it was all working ok. I left the restore running, when I came back, the restore had failed... BUT I tried a A10 flight and it worked !!! After having it die & come back again today... I may have the answer. The other day, I was messing about trying to get cockpit shadows on (Windows7 32bit) so I used a tip on this forum to go to a command prompt and type: bcdedit /set increaseuserva 3072 it worked for a bit, then crashed.... so, I typed bcdedit /deletevalue increaseuserva (a
  4. Thanks, Where do I post log files? Here? I have a ...Saved Games\DCS\Config but no "input" folder, just 3 files Thanks.
  5. My Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS arrived today ! - One problem... DCS World will not run. I've been playing with an xbox360 controller until now. What happens is, it loads up and works fine, but if I go to fly something, start a mission, or watch a replay, it loads and then crashes saying "DCS World has stopped responding" then loads up to ask if I want to refly the mission !!? After reading some forum posts about crashes, I decided to uninstall, then reinstall, seeing as I'd only been using it for about a week. Any ideas?
  6. Thank you so much whitehot... I'll try that today!
  7. I've been playing with the editor for a couple of days now, and have found how to put units on the map, but apart from when I get the "player" skill level option, I don't understand how you control other units ? I did manage to put an UK - IFV and control that once, but I can't seem to be able to do it again. every time I go to F10 and click on a unit to take control, it tells me I can't ! How did I do it the first time ? TiA
  8. ... I don't expect Arma, or VBS2 or something, I just thought it would be nice to walk around your plane and maybe take control of other units when in an edited mission.
  9. Oh ok, thanks for the quick reply. So... what about a Chinook, or Tornado or something, although I wouldn't expect a cockpit or anything, can I control other stuff in a mission I made, or is it just a few tanks and the default planes?
  10. I saw a video (of the P51 I think) where they started on-foot (looking down at their feet) and went up to the aircraft. I am new to DCS World, so... My question is. Can you get out? Or control infrantry in the Combined Arms? If I make a mission in the Editor with a P51 and an Infantry unit, can I switch to the ground unit? Thanks, Rob.
  11. I'm in the UK. SOLVED: I downloaded a LoMAC torrent and FC3 installed ok.
  12. Hello, I'm pretty sure I bought LoMAC many years ago, but recently saw a video about DCS World, and decided to get into it all again. So, I downloaded DCS World and bought P51, CA, Huey, A10 and FC3 last night. Problem is, I was so excited about all the new stuff, I missed that FC3 needs loMAC or FC (FC2?) to install. When I went to the website to buy the old one, so I can install the new one (doesn't seem fair, but hey) the site told me the certificate was out of date and refused to continue. I'm not going to continue anyway and pay on an insecure site. Any suggestions how I
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