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  1. Thank you for your answer Holbeach, I also found some 2016 discussions, including RaZbam team, stating that even without any visible impact on Runways after cluster strike, they were actually disabled for a limited time. This lack of visual effect is in fact quite old... Damage assesment is a bit more difficult this way.
  2. Hi All, I am currently working on additional weapons for some french airplane MOD... to roughly simulate the APACHE anti-runway cruise missile. I modified some cluster/bomblets dispended from a cruise missile or glide bomb (Like AGM-154B or GB-6). I limited their quantity and enhanced their explosive power in order to damage concrete sructures and runways. It works perfectly and the runway is localy disabled. But, as I use bomblets and clusters, I only get the "tiny" cluster effect in game : dust and light. How could I add some explosion effect and a remaining crater ? Thanks in adv
  3. If you export the TEWS view (on another screen or in a corner of your main screen) there is no cut off on the exported one.
  4. Same for me !!! Thanks Dud' I think I tried everything written about this issue...
  5. Here is a way to reproduce it : 1- Start 8.000m and go into a -30° dive 2- Once you reach M1.3 to M1.4 ... pull on the stick It works 100% since M1.3 with full or medium payload It also works with a slick plane with only 1T fuel at M1.4 Note : as there is no G limiter on MiG-29, this behavior does not seem to be unlogical to me. MiG-29A wings away M1,4.trk
  6. +1 with all mentionned issues/requests. MiG-29 could be outsanding with those few improvements.
  7. :clap_2: Thank you te remind us the Old good time ! Note : At that time ... these were "Modern Air Combat" planes. :pilotfly:
  8. Any news on this long-time awaited function ? Waypoint number to be added to HUD in a future patch.
  9. Thanks so much ED !!! Caucasus now looks awesome with same/better performances than 1.5.8 I love To fly low with the P-51 in winter & morning conditions along the coast.
  10. MICA are broken from ... let's say 1.12.11 We had to rebuild one from scratch "using AIM-120C datas" to use it in a MOD.
  11. Scary !!! :fear: For those who don't speak french : the RIO wakes the pilot and inform him they are diving inverted, shouting (gently) to recover the dive...
  12. The answer is : there is no more altitude holding (only) autopilot.
  13. Correct but ... on Czar66's pictures, you can see that both Radar & EOS are active. On the HUD, you have several indications : - EORL written on the left of HUD => means EOS + Radar are active - ILL is written below the HUD => also means Radar is active If you swith off the Radar (by pressing I), you will only see : - EO written on the left of HUD => means EOS (only) is active - No more ILL below the HUD And then, the friendly Su-27 target will become a Foe - possible enemy aircraft. Important to understand : IFF is related to the Radar (true at least for russian fight
  14. If I remember well, thas was the case in the first Beta version of the new Su-27.
  15. Imperial as well. We (French) use to say this about the British :D That's because bits & Bytes sounds the same in french :smartass:
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