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  1. I understand the appeal to use USN only comms but most peoples and countries use the NATO brevety word, and ladder has a whole different meaning there unfortunately ...
  2. HARM are working very fine, you just need to have the correct launch parameter.... 0.9 Mach and above, between FL200 and 350 depending what your target is. 100% hit so far for my group and I. Yesterday again during training, more than 30 HARM hit their intended targets.
  3. About the radar not showing up anything, it happens quite a few times to me and some of my group (3rd Wing), I found that switching back to AG master mode and then back to AA (assuming you were master arm on and AA selected with weapons selected) seems to make this issue go away. It worked that way a few times, have no track on hands unfortunately. Hope it helps.
  4. Some peoples have been waiting since it was first announced/guessed around a decade ago. what's a few weeks ?
  5. Load up full amraam, Sparrow’s are useless. LACQ on the JHMCS, and fire away.. should get out of it fine.
  6. The worse is that the silent majority is pretty happy with every update we get even as it got from weekly to every two weeks. They explained why ( on Fb I think) and it make total sense. In 12 years on LOMAC/FC1.12/2/3 then dcs I’ve never seen a module being this consistently updated, even the A10C while it was the flagship. If you want an example of what a bad follow up on module is, try the M2000c which wasn’t capable of refueling its external fuel tanks from January 2018 until last month. Thanks razbam. Bottom line is, we get new stuff when it’s ready and should expect bugs at every turn
  7. check if you dont have antiskid on, it would block your wheels and you would be unable to unhook. the pull back of the cable is normal and you should let it pull you until complete stop, then and only then you can hook up.
  8. seems like it was this post: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3534142&postcount=7 problematic similar to my question. thanks for pointing it out !
  9. Because it’s in Early Access. The totally clean payload (or lack there of) is supposed to be working but from what I gather, it’s only working in single player.
  10. Oh believe me I know, I’m not even asking for a timetable, merely knowing it’s a priority or close to it would be swell ! Since the EA release, ED has been hard at work on every weeks patch and it’s awesome, I hope they can keep the rhythm!
  11. Hi, I looked around before asking, my bad if my questions already had answers I couldn’t find. At the moment, it impossible to have a 3+ Hornets cold start on the CVN, even with 2 you have to spawn unpaused otherwise you just spawn on top of each other, and with 4-5 it’s completely impossible.. I know you can spawn hot and move from the cat to let the others spawn but that completely defeat the purpose of a wing launching a package from the CVN. My question is do we have to wait for the carrier module to have this, in apparence, simple feature added in ? ( in the code there is already
  12. And yet, here we are. I’ve had no issue with the gun piper, lock or not, multiplayer or not. And like it’s already said, the radar is far from finished, not even close.
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