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  1. Thanks for the advice, easier and faster that way! I just did a few tests, all of them with vertical speed in cockpit showing 3m/s sustained during a few minutes, so I could take more than 5-6 readings. For example, it took me exactly 1 minute from 500 feet altitude to 1.400 feet (900 feet/minute) keeping the vertical speed indicator showing exactly 3 m/s. That would mean every minute I should have climbed 590,5 feet, when I actually climbed 900, which means 4,57 m/s, and not 3 as the Yak was showing. I guess it's not very important when flying since all the important data for climb pro
  2. Same problem here. Just bought the module and the first thing I see is this missing textures bug. Not a good experience after spending 53€, to be honest. Will try what you guys said about the description.lua. Thanks
  3. Hi! I barely post so I'm not too sure I should post this here, but I will since this is Yak's forum. I have been taking notes on some DCS aircraft climb performances using the TAC view and without it with a chronometer, and after many tries I noticed the Yak-52 vertical speed indicator is showing 1/3, or so, less vertical speed than it really climbs. I guess that would be not important if it was a bit less, but I think it's a lot of difference from the real climb and would be nice if it was looked into. An example: climbing to 2.000 meters from 200 feet takes me around 5 minutes and 50
  4. Just logged into the forum only to see if my dream was accomplished. It's a YES!!!! Thanks for the awesome work Charly_Owl
  5. Thank you, nice to see thie being update up to this year! Really appreciated ans useful
  6. Thanks for the videos guys. I fell in love with Bunyap channel, following his "test flight" series. THANKS A TON
  7. Thanks Sabre-TLA!! I didn't even see this "Mission Builders' Corner" My apologies for that. Will check immediately ;) EDIT: Awesome. I'm a lot happier than 10 mins ago hehehe
  8. I still can't believe i cannot find videos anywhere with tutorials of how to use the DCS mission editor (only some in german...) and i'm wondering if i'm the only one having problems learning everything there is inside (maybe one problem is the language since english is not my primary) I would love at least understand what every trigger does and i don't find any list (or even a Mission Editor forum which i don't really understand if a lot of people are doing missions) I would thank you guys if you could adress me to some advanced list or something!! Thanks in advance ;)
  9. I don't usually post on these forums (love o read them every day though) But i think you can't ask for us not to speculate because this concerns us a lot. So we are worried and we only think the worst when there is no information about it. No information = things they don't want to talk about for some bad reasons, always.
  10. You are right. I was testing with MI8 and SU-25 and had the same long loading times, what i didn't was try it with another mission. I made one myself and everything woorks perfect. I was flying one of the campaign missions for UH-1 where you have to do CAS on the oposite side of the bridge where your companions are. It seems that mission is overloaded with some scripts or whatever made my comp struggle
  11. I read this post a few days ago because i was having these loading problems, which i didnt have before the last patch. So i decided to uninstall and reinstall everything from scratch, downloading every module separatedly but the loading times (for entering mission and for getting out the mission) are really long, so much i really feel lazy about flying because everytime i have to leave mission or restart or start e new one i really don't feel like wasting time. I didn't had any loading problems before, i consider my PC abobe average (works great with every game at mx settings). I also suffe
  12. Thanks a lot for the advice and your time Lucas! I guess you are right. I don't have to think one type of aircraft and keep it for my entire life. I havent tested any fast jet and i love reading about them and looking info, so i guess ill enjoy a lot flying them also in DCS. I'll do what you say and fly the KA for now and see what happens when other jet appears, since it seems the A-10 is not what i like most about aircrafts :P You also gave me an idea: flying the su25 which i allways liked but never tried because it was not "ultra simulation" but it might be a nice time for when i'm no
  13. Weird post i know, but i have had a HARD time deciding what to fly: jets or helicopters for like 2 years and i'm tired of changing my mind every week. I virtual fly both KA-50 and A 10-C and i know how to use both and have done lots of missions with both and, overall, i have enjoyed more the Black shark (note i would like to spend my little time on only one type of aircraft, and enjoy every one of them as they come out, of that same type). I actually feel curiosity about helicopters in general, every time i'm flying my A-10 in a server with external views enabled, i end up seeing anyone who i
  14. I started downloading via torrent. BUT i want to fly while it downloads, is there any way i can set the autoupdater off so i can launch the sim? It won't let me since it just opoens the autoupdater... :/
  15. I'm a noob on this subject but i wanted to post some info about the SAMs in case other new people have curiosity too, since it's something i have been wondering myself, and which counter measures i should use on each case (even though i usually use the ECMS on SEMI) when i see the threat warning on my Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) SA-2: S-75 Dvina. Radio Command guided --> 1 target at a time -- Use chaff SA-3: S-125 Neva / Pechora. Radio command guided --> 1 target at a time -- Use chaff SA-5: S-200. Radar guided -->
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