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  1. I can't reply now because i don't try at this time, but if it's like VTOLVR on steam, i can use my touch and emulate the joystick. In fact in vr you grab the virtual joystick in cockpit with hand(touch), it's ask few hours to feel it. But for the moment i can't confirm if it's possible under DCS at this moment, i'm going to try this week. Last time I try on DCS, just some type of button are pushable with vr, that's why i ask this question few post ago ;) I understand some people don't like this, for them it's like a heresy to not use a real joystick, but for me in vr it's all or nothing
  2. Hello here, few month now i don't tried DCS, i want to know if the panel is now usable/pushable by touch controllers, buttons etc in vr mode, the a10c for exemple. Thanks
  3. Bonjour à vous J'ai vu les progres realisés ces derniers temps par la team de trad FR pour DCS. C'est cool enfin d'avoir les docs, le jeu et le site en français, mais hélas il manque encore quelques petites trad. Je parle des missions, effectivement. Sauriez vous s'il elles vont etres traduite et si oui, auriez vous une date ou une fourchette. Merci en tout cas pour votre réponse te votre aide Cordialement :thumbup: Edit: Je parles pour l'heure des missions du DLC FC3, je n'ai pas encore vérifier sur l'A10C et le P51 si cela était déjà fait.
  4. yep for sure, this is a link to a video you explain you all the details In fact you really control the vtol with your hands, push button, rotate, and you can take the virtual joystick for control the plane. With the touch in your real hand, you really thinks is the joystick or the crossbar for accelerate the engine. The game is simplist compare to DCS, but it's very funny I like to see this function under DCS, please dev ;)
  5. Damn, ok thanks for your help, i wait the support of touch I try this function under the "Vtol Vr" game It's amazing to control a plane with the touchs, like a joystick, hand... Cya
  6. Hello, I have a problem with the touchs, when i'm in game, the touchs (hands) are behind me, i try to reset seat postion in vive and oculus, but nothing work, i try center view in game nothing too. Someone has a solution ? Thanks
  7. Hello, It's possible to have a update of this lua please ? With update of DCS on steam, this lua is obsolete and not work. Mine setups too :( Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Yeap, it's work after a retry tonight Cool !!! Cya
  9. bug light with all airport on client side in multiplayer: master side:(exemple vaziani) spot on truck ok, but no leds on airport and parking client side: Leds ok on airport and parking but no spots... Ka-50 on runway and confirmation by atc for take-off, but no spots on Thanks and Cya edit: it's a fresh install
  10. No news about the problem of paypal ? Cya
  11. OKi thanks for you reply EtherealN
  12. One question, revocation for May 5 it is because you just spent FC3 in final version? for those who want to wait for the refund of the product before repaying, they will give 50 dollars?
  13. 7H326282N36427256 this is my paypal number transaction, not a secret, found it on your system if you can or transfer it to your admin for help him Cya
  14. OK, but stop taking people for idiots. My money's gone, I do not ask you to go anywhere, I just ask you to find the missing money and give it to me or Let me play my game quietly it is very simple yet I hope you kidding? You can at least say that you cancel the operation of revoquation for the moment. but not anything ...
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