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  1. Much needed is a southeast Asian map to include The disputed south China seas. Gameplay to include Vietnam, Laos, Gulf of Tonkin etc.
  2. Shack

    New DCS PC

    There is no way I can build what I want (RTX 3090 GPU) at a reasonable cost right now with the lack of 3090's on the market.
  3. Im in the market for a new customized Gaming Desktop. Any manufacturers to stay away from ? I've bought an Area 51 from Alienware (Dell) and wasnt too impressed ... thanks for the input !
  4. You may want to look at DOFreality.com. I have the P6 and along with VR provides a good representation of actually flying.
  5. Issue got fixed - I kept trying new USB ports and finally it appeared in my DCS Options menu.
  6. I have an issue whereby my AA modes are automatically selected at any time .... I could be in any phase of flight and my Aim 9 / Sparrow / Gun mode gets automatically selected. I thought it might be a Stick issue with my F18 Stick and replaced it with my Warthog stick and same issue. Any ideas or help on how to correct this would be welcome.
  7. It shows in Control Panel but not in DCS. This is a new issue - never occurred before ...
  8. All other devices including Warthog throttle and rudder pedals detected fine but Joystick no longer seen in setup options screen. using non steam version. any ideas ?
  9. Any F-16 Warthog profiles ( non Target ) ?
  10. Anyone have any experience with fitting a 3080 / 3090 into an Alienware Area 51 Chasis ?
  11. Hey Havok - I just ordered the LeapMotion, can you outline what you did to make it functional within DCS ? thanks
  12. . misplaced post.
  13. I’m thoroughly enjoying flying this 6 DOF motion platform. Combined with VR, It’s the best home flying setup I’ve ever had. However, as I’m going to be moving in 6 months ( along with the multitude of logistics involved ), in addition to my being overseas for long stretches of time, I’m considering the sale of this setup. If you may be interested, message me. It would be a local pickup only ( no shipping ) in the Orlando Florida area. Price would be cost for the components shown in the photos above. Interested parties PM me. Shack.
  14. A good ( 6 axis ) motion platform would be a minimum of about $15,000. IMHO, the compromise between the cost for a motion based platform and a home based VR simulation experience makes DOF Reality platforms a good solution.
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