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  1. I hope 1.5 can still be playable because I'm on disability and cannot afford/waste money on buying components unless they're worn out especially the way things are in the UK right now... Maybe I can run 2.5, we'll see...
  2. I think I've made it very clear what my position is and I think ED is shirking their responsibility to its customers. ED should make it clear that Steam and the ED Shop do not operate in the same way, Steam is generally seen as inferior, Steam has no plus sides to it but some negatives, Steam has less price reductions but if the customer complains it will be the fault of the customer for choosing Steam. Nice... I think I know exactly where I stand now... I have nothing else to say on this matter.
  3. Analogy fail. Falling back on "normal market behaviour" is a cop out. "If ED have no control over Valve, will ED make it clear in the future that people should not buy their products on Steam as you're likely to be treated poorly and not get reductions, better still remove this inferior avenue?"
  4. "1.2 Forum members must treat other with respect and tolerance." Of course I'm sure if I made it personal that wouldn't ****ing do at all would it? Chip on my shoulder? Who are the ones personally attacking me and being snide for having an opinion about being treated poorly for using Steam? Are you guys shareholders in Eagle Dynamics or something? I don't very much like it being inferred that, for whatever my reasons, I'm stupid for wanting to use Steam and being treated the same when that's one of the distribution options given by ED. Maybe I was wrong, but I thought there was a sale he
  5. No I don't like it... No excuses, no damn excuses...
  6. Why no 40% off sale for Steam users? Very annoyed...
  7. Just got the newest update. I have two issues with the sights I'm finding the yellow reticle too blocky (6 pixel lines) and at some angles the reticle protrudes further than the head-up display.
  8. Very useful set of links Devrim. Shame there's no F-15C dirty cockpit mod like the awesome A-10C one. Edit: The c@sper's HD F-15 cockpit mod is great...
  9. I do not hansangb. I don't know anything much about SSDs other than one or two people say they're good for sims/gaming. I've got 2 1/2 TB of hard disk space so SSDs will have to wait. Just eyeing the "Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB"... Want one. :)
  10. http://www.facetracknoir.nl/ GNU General Public License, Copyright © 2010 - 2016 Wim Vriend. All Rights Reserved. https://sourceforge.net/p/facetracknoir/wiki/PointTracker/ (6 DOF IR tracking) It is not absurd to suggest a company is charging too much... I do think £180 (about the price of a 32" Sony Bravia television or a MSI NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960) for not very much is verging on profiteering.
  11. You can whistle all you like, it doesn't make your analogy correct. You're really overreaching there, I did not steal anything and I never wrote that it was free...
  12. You have an odd way of proving things... Anyway I'll leave this TrackIR fan club alone now.
  13. Two days, what were you doing? I've just set mine up and it took about 6 hours (someone who is not disabled would be able to do it in far less time), most of that time was messing with FaceTrackNoIR's settings but the most difficult bit was removing the IR filter form the camera and fitting two layers of floppy disk for a filter. As I wrote it cost me £25 and it's a very decent head tracker.
  14. My MSI NVIDIA Gtx 960 2 GB cost £15 less than TrackIR 5 Basic, that's exactly what I'm talking about...
  15. Thank you all for your replies. I've managed to find about another 8 FPS and I have some settings higher and one or two that were off are now on. It's pretty tricky getting the settings right... Even though I have some trepidation, I'm really looking forward to the update... Fingers crossed.
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