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  1. What a fantastic mod! The team did magic.
  2. All those fantastic skins beg for an official F-104 module. What a fantastic jet! Let us dream, maybe one day ...
  3. I run the latest dcs open beta version. Now the runway markings have strange red colors. Any idea how to fix it? Could it be an interference with mods? It is only a problem with the Caucasus map. All other maps work fine.
  4. I just updated to 2.5.6 The nose gear bug is still present. Starting from a runway it is 90 degrees turned and not straight aligned. :( I thought this would have been an easy one to fix.
  5. Hi NeilWillis, thanks a lot for your advice! I will check it out. :thumbup: Stockfisch
  6. Hi ! There is a graphical glitch that I have found after Installation of one of the recent patches (I can't remember which one it probably was). If I select a skin for the sabre I often get the number 010 on the planes tail but it doesn't seem to belong to the skin or at least looks wrong. I thought I already read something about this fault somewhere on the forum. But I couldn't figure out where. Can somebody give me an answer or a link? That would be great. Thanks a lot. Happy flying! :) Stockfisch
  7. 'Repair' did the trick! Got the skins back. Thanks a lot for your help. Stockfisch
  8. Hi ! I am really puzzled! After installing the latest 1.2.8 patch all my Su-25T exterior skins are gone no matter which one I choose in the Editor. :( When I start a mission I just see an orange "warning texture missing" skin. Pylon and bomb or rocket textures are all fine. I tried out several hints for similar problems that I found here in the forum. I also copied the texture folders of a vanilla install into my game Folders (as I don't want to set up everything from scratch because I already installed a bunch of mods). As far as I could check the texture folders everything see
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