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  1. Okay I'm getting closer. I understand the channels and what they represent but all the guides I've watched or read so far don't explain how to utilize those properly in GIMP. I have to wait till I get power back to jump back into the Viper files and see if I can make sense of it. We had an ice storm go through and the power is slow to get restored.
  2. In PS they are orange, yellow, green, blue, etc. When people export them from PS they show up that way. In GIMP they don't. If that's not a problem then I won't worry about it. I have roughmet templates in xcf but I'm trying to get them in PS to see if they show up in color where I can export them. Regardless, I'll watch the video and see if it helps. I've watched numerous videos this far but it doesn't hurt to watch more. Thanks.
  3. Full disclosure, this isn't really a DCS issue. I've been looking around this forum and many others to see if anyone had some help my particular issue and I'm not finding any so far. I've been making liveries for almost a decade using GIMP and dxt.bmp and for the most part it works fine. With the F-16 the RoughMet files seem to be very important and I want to try to make them correctly. When I open the .psds in GIMP though, the RoughMets are all gray scale. I assumed that was how they should be until recently, so I was making gray scale RoughMets. They sort of work but I think it is unpr
  4. There's some great stuff here. If someone has said these then consider this a +1. I haven't read every single post. 1) Group spawn in zone 2) Ability to group and ungroup units with triggers 3) Ability to mix aircraft types in group 4) Cinematic editor (easy way to script camera views and switch between them) 5) Maybe streamline win/lose conditions or give more options It's probably obvious mine are heavily influenced by ARMA/OFP.
  5. It could be. I've started learning the Viper a bit but I have a long ways to go. In my initial impressions it seemed quite a bit different but as I get into it more it may make more sense. Your comment gives me hope, at least!
  6. I tend to agree. A-10C was my first module to learn so that may be part of it. Switching over to the F/A-18 and F-16 has been weird and they don't make much sense to me at times.
  7. Also rear firing missiles face an interesting problem as they have to accelerate through 0 velocity and near that area they have zero control with conventional control surfaces. Experimentation has been done with thrust vectoring but it seems to not be that big of a priority, for some reasons yo mentioned.
  8. I was thinking about entering but couldn't help myself and bought it. These are good screenshots though so I'm guessing I made the right choice. LOL. Good luck everyone and thanks to vJaBoG 66 for doing this. Happy flying.
  9. Is there a more elegant solution than that? Currently that line is commented out on my entry.lua and line 64 is active. I'm not sure what they do but it appears that only one should be active at a time. I'm guessing as the mod was updated new lines were added and the old ones commented out, and if that's the case something happened after an update to hose line 64.
  10. Similar to this post except I have FC3. When I first downloaded the mod it worked great. I started getting questions on my YT channel about it not allowing the players to fly. They could put the Su-57 in and allow AI to fly it but were never able to fly it. I assumed they were just missing something in the Mission Editor but I finally went in to try it myself and I was no longer able to fly the Su-57. Does anyone know why this is happening? I'm assuming a DCS update did something. Maybe I need to reinstall the mod? Aside from that this has been a lot of fun and I'm stoked to see w
  11. Oh, you'll probably want to skip to like 1:45 on that video to avoid watching me download templates. Also, here is another person's tutorial from earlier but it may help too. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=73093
  12. There are quite a few. I know I used a .pdf when I started learning on the A-10C. I wound up putting together two different series of videos on it but I'm not sure they're the best. There are some nuances to each module...or there can be anyway, so it is doubtful that a single tutorial will answer all your questions. I reference the .pdf I think in these videos so you might check those out first. Maybe my videos will help at least. This is the first video of 2: [YOUTUBE]nN7SKUumQ4Q[/YOUTUBE] In general I think the hardest parts for me is finding where the different parts of th
  13. What's the best method for finding the proper viewport terms for the various instruments and "dohickies"? For instance and completely hypothetically: IPC? EDIT: Perhaps in the devices.lua that is in Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Cockpit\Scripts\ ?
  14. I kind of agree. I see both sides of the issue as I'm a consumer like the rest of us and I've been in customer support roles on projects that got released in beta states. I have some sympathy for the devs but I also get the frustration. I think the issue for me is that the F-16 was less complete than I thought it would be (unmet expectations but there's not much that can be done about it in this case so I'll not hold it against anyone) and the fact that I'm not really impressed with how fast some of the historical products have been "completed". I know people are working hard, I'm not tryi
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