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  1. I just want FC level SAMs. Not just short range self-propelled 2D screen.
  2. Is the RCntrl+F10 menu just a proof of concept, or is that as far as they plan on going with SAM systems? I for one would love to see basic flaming cliffs style SAM systems. 3D non-clickable cockpit and the ability to control multi-unit SAM systems like the SA-11 or Patriot.
  3. Yeah, it's the same speed in HTTP mode. Definitely on EDs end though. Wouldn't be surprised if their upload "server" was a Wifi enabled USB2.0 drive connected to a spare DSL line they had.
  4. Seriously, bought Nevada and now found out I have to wait three days because apparently ED is using smoke signals to transfer data instead of some form of modern broadband. This is my speed test This is the download speed Now this isn't just a temporary lull, I've been letting this download run for the past 4 hours. It's utterly ridiculous that the download servers are this slow.
  5. Can't seem to find anything in the manual.
  6. Me and a few friends tried this out. It appears you only can do it under ~300kts or else you turn to mush, and it's incredibly hard to actually get a lock. I went 1/52 (Still got shot down, but got missile off first) and my friend went 0/44. I would not advise this maneuver in MP.
  7. Yeah it behaves like normal altitude select autopilot. It begins a modest climb and then levels out at 15,000ft+ I also can't seem to get it to descend.
  8. Manual was quite lacking when it came to deployment of various resources. Also if you're a hands on learner, the manual might as well be written in Latin.
  9. Am I setting it right? I set the three bugs to 0 6 0 (00) and it still climbs and levels out way past 6000ft.
  10. I'm using the Warthog Mic Switch (Not an axis so Axis edit doesn't work) for my TDC slew and it is way too sensitive. One quick flick and it moves 3 crosshair widths.
  11. Doubt it. Way too fast to be a chronometer. Sounds almost like a playing card in a bike spoke. Just more metallic sounding.
  12. How many hours do you have in the Mirage 2000? Oh wait you have nothing to compare it to besides completely different aircraft in DCS world. Weird that it doesn't fly the same /s
  13. Is this intentional? If so it seems a weird design choice since everything else is in feet. I set it to 6000 and it leveled off at 19,700 feet.
  14. Yeah it seems if you log in with email, but don't do any of the facebook or twitter things you don't get an entry. If that's the case you really should fix it. It would be incredibly dishonest and disrespectful to the community to offer a give-away in bad faith (coercing people to support you on social media.)
  15. INS is simply an internal system that feeds information to certain devices. INS is not a gauge or indicator. It can be translated if it was aligned properly to feed an instrument that indicates location. INS errors compound due to the fact that it is an internal system. After an hour it may be off by half a mile. After two hours it may be off by 5 miles. So things like ILS, VOR, TACAN, ADF, NDB are separate. Those are external fixed systems that communicate via some form of EM. They don't lose accuracy. INS would only apply for things like navigating to a way-point. If I want you to fly
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