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  1. i just did the mission yesterday, and everything was alright. i assume that you got the latest version of DCS world ? Did you loaded more armament and fuel ? if not, put your governor on emergency and press the GOV up button on your collective, maybe this works for you. oh and check with R CTRL (or was it R Shift?) plus enter if the game recognizes your Collective.
  2. yay it worked! i flew inbetween 80-90 knots and it worked fine! thank you very much guys! really appreciate it! :D
  3. -AI Door Gunner -Visible Troops in the Back -Visible "Ammo Crates" or something like that when you transport supplies -Pilot and Door Gunner Camoflage depending on the Nation (for example German UH1 and the pilots and door gunner wearing Flecktarn) -More Skins for the Pilots... how to say. Maybe a Female CoPilot or a Afro American Co Pilot. Something like this -See the Characters in the Campaign (Redhead, General, the Pilot who got shoot down, Doc and Patient etc.)
  4. Hey there Community! I was flying the mission "VIP Passenger" i droped off the General at Kutaisi (at the last Checkpoint i got the "20mikes fuel left" caution light) and 500m before i was back at the UN camp "MASTER CAUTION" boop boom... i was totally out of fuel. :doh::cry: So heres my question, how do i spare fuel in the Huey ? i was flying round about 100-120knots. full RPM and yea.. i flew directly to the waypoints, landings were also quick. Thanks in advance!
  5. fantastic app! are you planning to create something like this for the UH-1H or the BlackShark ? ~Greetz
  6. hey WildFire, did you updated the mission for DCS world ? and did you fixed the tanker issues ? ~greetz
  7. same here, Homepage is down and their master server. does anyone know whats going on ? patchday ? :D
  8. I just Created a little Diashow of this really stunning work! Its just a little example, im about to create a real video with actual gameplay footage using upuaut's skins, if he dont mind of course! i really hope that we see these level of detail in the final release!
  9. outstanding work! Really Appreciate it!
  10. Yay it worked :thumbup::D thank you dude! really appreciate it!:pilotfly:
  11. quick Update: First, thanks for your reply, really appreciate it! but it didnt worked for me :( i dont know why the trigger wont work :/
  12. Mission 7 "Tango" so, i flew with the other 3 Hueys into the AO. Springfield 1 says something about "we do 3 runs with 4 rockets each" okay, Done! after this, the AI Hueys hovering over the AO and nothing happens. Springfield 1 SHOULD tell me something about that i need to drop the troops in my trunk but yea... like i said, nothing happens. Does anyone know what to do ? im totally frustrated :joystick::cry:
  13. yes absolutely! Belsimtek showed us how its done with the Huey!
  14. a dream comes true :O Huey, Mig 21, F18, F15, Su 27. jesus christ, im about to get a poor man :D
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