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  1. Actual i dont know what you mean with "optimal climb rate". There is Vy = best rate of climb (best time) and Vx = best angle of climb (best altitude) and both performances are done with 100% thrust and not with 97% thrust. For example Vy at 1000m is between 530km/h (8000kg load,clean) and 725km/h (1000kg load, clean) at a standard day =15degCel, no wind, 1000m Alt.
  2. SZU-23 should be ZU-23-2(truck) Enroute speeds are set at 390 km/h. Best range speed with suggested default load at 3000m alt is 620 km/h for the Su-25T. Also nice to have would be ... - target elevation - times the target images were shot - map scale of the target map - declared time of take-off (Spetsnaz transport) - estimated TOTarget (Holding pattern) of Spetsnaz transport - some Air Traffic Control chatter during T/O at Sukhumi Babushara Airport Not really the safest but a possible route for a low level carpet bombing attack(100m AGL): Only one attack run is needed but the attacker would be exposed to incoming fire for appr. 16 seconds at speed 700kph.
  3. My expierence: Done everything right but lost the whole campaign. Mission 00: 07:00 Entering the cockpit 07:00 Preflight 07:05 Refuel & Rearm completed, TakeOff weight 4kg about maximum 07:08 Request engine start 07:15 Preflight completed (map study, wind condition, fence in, fence out etc.) 07:17 Taxi Clearance 07:20 Blocks off 07:22 Take/Off Clearance Rwy 07 07:22 Left engine failure 20km/h before rotation speed Rejected Take-off procedure, come to standstill 20meter before RWY end, left Engine on fire. 07:23 All engines shutdown, electric Master off 07:23 Call ATC: "Declare emergency" Mission end result: "you are defeated. Mission & Campaign over" ------------------------------------------------ My personal conclusion after this... pluses - weather data believable - very good voice file - ingress/egress points - after the short briefing and the radio anoucement of HQ not many questions are remain unanswered minuses - in a normal landing pattern the base leg for this a/c is flown ca. 6 km from threshold Others The landing pattern is not part of the route legs (is not be displayed and worked out on flight plans). Approach to home base is just one leg to the base airport.
  4. For the sake of completeness: Avialogs is free to read, or subscribe and pay 14 USD to download files for 6 months.
  5. you are flying 840 kph TAS - not KTAS 840 kph TAS = 516 mph TAS 840 kph @ 8920 m = 585 kph IAS ( which should be max speed for an A-50) Your escort speed of 840 kph TAS is 430 kph above estimated(!) stall-speed (clean config) of the Su-27. You should handle this with ease.
  6. OCE Classified" stands for "Operation Chosen Eagle Classified"? i think airway flightlevels should be coordinated with international VFR Cruising Flight levels. For example TC Tango with 260° heading are forced to fly at FL130-FL140. According to international rules a flight in VFR-Mode with heading 80° (opposite of 260°!) could choose FL135 for his cruising and is therefor on collision course with Airway "TC Tango".
  7. Spelling errors: "You may complete your mission by landing at Besian Airfield" "support the operation by destroying targets of oppurtunity\" If this is the follow up of the mission "Request_Immediate_Support" then you should name the missions with prefixis such as Solidus_01_Request_Immediate_Support.miz Solidus_02_MSN_2_-_53_-_Recon_-_W_56_61_71__L_51.miz Would be nice to have some professional ATC chatter (soundfiles) during rampstart for example. Current briefing infos are what i would expect from a briefing: estimated target position, estimated qty, estimated type of threat, bullseye position etc. Good. What i am missing are basic infos of other friendly activities during briefing. What is the flight plan of Su27 air recon in Mission 1 for expl. But i can simulate the info whit the F10-Map with friendly only view. Mission 1 has no realistic weather data.
  8. you are rigght. i misread the topic. actual i doubt that tis is modeled. if it is modeled i am pretty sure the a10c community can give further advices. In any case, one should note this thing: at 100kph headwind or in calm wind condition, on each run the TAS(!) indicator in the plane must show the same speed over ground.
  9. http://www.amazon.com/Su-25-Frogfoot-Units-Combat-Aircraft/dp/1472805674/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1421208365&sr=8-2&keywords=su25 plus several others ln amazon
  10. did you see the cutawaydrawing on page 37 bof book 4+ publication - Suchoj Su-25.pdf? this could be a start.
  11. You can ask for example "OAT shows -15 C°, i am at 15000 ft Pressure Altitude, loadout 5000kg, Drag Index 50%, what is the V_BR (best range speed) for the su25 at those conditions?" V_BR and V_MO and other V speeds depend on many factors
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