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  1. It shows which stage are you in the campaign. Should be same as the mission number. Ex: R1 M07.miz should be stage 7 in campaign. Not sure why your kills are not tracked.
  2. I recently upgraded to 32 GB before doing this campaign so not sure about your question but if you play multiplayer PvE servers 16 GB is not enough and you will experience stutters due to high amount of ground units. After upgrading from 16 to 32 I definitely saw improvement in multiplayer.
  3. Try this, see if it works. Mission 8 had stage set to 1 and mission 7 set to 2 for some reason. [9] = { ["created"] = "Mon Aug 24 19:32:19 2020", ["player"] = "Dave", ["campaign"] = "./Mods/campaigns/FA-18C Raven One/Raven One.cmp", ["status"] = "Active", ["history"] = { [7] = { ["datetime"] = "Mon Sep 21 20:22:25 2020", ["agKills"] = 0,
  4. Happened to me too once in the campaign, most probably same mission. Seems like a DCS:Supercarrier issue, but maybe baltic_dragon can add a workaround. Other than that mission I haven't experienced this rest of the campaign so you should be good. If you didn't progress to next mission use the logbook editing method to skip the mission. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2830501&postcount=181
  5. When I switch to warthog all controls were there for me from get-go without needing to fiddle with it. If you don't have "Synchronize Cockip Controls with HOTAS" option selected in MISC. page, you might have to cycle throttle detent from off to idle to off for it to work. If that doesn't work, my throttle off detents are mapped to "Right - Left Throttle Set OFF" in controls maybe that'll help
  6. You're welcome :thumbup: Yes ROCK is programmed into aircraft in every mission it's just another waypoint named ROCK but you still need to assign it with A/A WP. You don't really need to check briefing documents for it but I suggest you do, if you can print even better as noisy_lightning suggested since there are some code words for types of units and info of all the radio channels you might need as well as TACAN information. EDIT: Oh just realized you are playing in VR in that case kneeboard should work, you can assign a button in your HOTAS to open it and flip pages.
  7. Hey Fang, ROCK is basically a bullseye waypoint which is specific location same across all aircraft in the mission and used to quickly give location of something instead of using coordinates. You can find which waypoint is assigned ROCK in Raven one campaign via kneeboard or checking the briefing documents located in [DCS Folder]/Mods/campaigns/FA-18C Raven One/Docs folder. I always had the relevant briefing open when doing missions to quickly check stuff. At start of the mission you designate ROCK as the bullseye point by; opening HSI page, clicking DATA, navigating to ROCK way
  8. When in a certain angle, in upper portions of the HUD, HMD becomes visible occluding the HUD. While executing shallow dive gun runs it could suddenly appear over target makes it impossible to see target with my Mk.1 eyeballs. I believe this is a bug since it appears just below the upper edge of HUD and disappears again when you look at the upper edge. Testing with trackIR, resetted to center before flight. However I have a curvature of -11 in zoom axis with slider option ticked (rest is default) which defaults my view a bit zoomed out. It may be the culprit but HMD appea
  9. Raven one is another masterpiece made by Baltic Dragon. I enjoyed every single mission in the campaign. I was skeptical at getting this campaign first since I'm not proficient with air to air, but I'm glad I decided to try it. Difficulty is well balanced and you are not thrown hostiles left and right. With a little research in to air to air weapons and radar, I was able to overcome the air threats without much hassle. Fuel management and A/A refueling was hard at first but with practice it became second nature. Although without a good joystick I can see it becoming a hassle. How
  10. I have the same issue. All I can see is white symbology with black background instead of video image I should be getting. Happen right after the latest 2.5.1 update. At the moment HOT3 missiles are impossible to use, hopefully it can be fixed soon. Edit: I was looking at the wrong section in the changelog, they've added this issue in known issues at the end. A hotfix should be coming soon.
  11. I also had a damaged front gear but to not take any chances after landing I shutdown my engines and called the ground crew for repair. Mission was succesfull after I taxied to parking. I don't know if it would count as a fail if I didn't do it but keep that method in mind.
  12. Thanks for the instant reply! Also more information I've noticed: -After Bravo arrived at the village I've flown around 10 minutes then used time accelerate(maybe this confused the AI somehow) and made 5-6 big loops around the village. I was watching Bravo team and they weren't moving at all after entering the village. -The last enemy rifleman was inside a house probably (couldn't spot him from TGP at all even with labels on) that might have caused this to happen. Had to kill him with a maverick with force corralate mode in approximate location. Also great campaign so far, this is
  13. I've progressed through the mission up to the point that I call uzi and bravo to advance and our friendly troops enter village(with mosque). Now I've been flying for 10-15 minutes and nothing is happening. Update: I had to turn the labels on to see if there are any enemies left. there were 3 enemy soldiers inside the village and georgian forces were not attacking them, I had to take them out (even they told me not to engage because of danger close) to finish the mission.
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