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  1. No No No , ED No. If your going anywhere with this Take the F-15 (which was the most popular) and bring that module up to date with todays tech .Clickable cockpits and FM . The F-15's like the adopted child that never got let into the family. It needs some lovin......... or...Or ....OR..... Get keen and bring out a ......"General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark Now there's an old girl that no ones had a shot at.
  2. Cheers But yes I got a bit out of hand and had modded profiles there and also in the main root folder which I'm not really sure which one I deleted and which ones I kept. But I lost around 80% of default settings for the A10 . Simple stuff like gear , flaps views ect. I got on the lets try this profile by Mr X and added another profile by Mr Y and then a Mr Z and before to long had profile from Mr XYZ all jumbled up. Only one to blame is me , I should have known better than to get lazy. Yep did try the above trick , but I actually didn't have some of the basic commands even listed to r
  3. All good my friend I have already started a reinstall , Totally . No probs thanks anyway. got a bit of spare time to spend on another program while this downloads again. Sometimes you know things get out of control and misplaced and only a factory reset will assure me of 100% fix
  4. How do i do a repair reset on DCS 2.5 May Have got a little frustrated with profiles and settings and deleted a few modded files . Now I have no setting for A10c Sim profile , I dont have a wheel brake axis for the A10. I think Ive removed the default A10C Sim profile and I need to get back the Default settings. Any Ideas, Honestly got to the point Ill just uninstall and start again :helpsmilie:
  5. Yeah , No that alright was just wondering if I would get anything further from the missions. After a bit of reading and you tubing it really doesn't offer that much more. More practice and maybe try out a red flag campaign instead . Thanks
  6. Got to ask is the training campaign worth the $10 or are the training missions that come with the A10 C suffice
  7. Thank you will reconfigure speed brakes ,and wait for chute development . kind regards
  8. As stated , do these two work yet as i cant seem to deploy either , thanks
  9. Want to purchase but while its on Beta sale verses my accumulated account $$ discount , which cant be used to purchase this module whilst on sale ,I will pay more for it now than if I wait .. bugga oh well will have to wait
  10. For crying out loud NeilWillis grow up , it wasn't a complaint...! , as I said I have already purchased. I was just stating what I had seen and how other people might have some insight into why it looks that way . Thank you Manuel 108 for a constructive and educated response, I wasn't aware of that , thank you. Oh and I do have something better to add NeilWillis You are actually dealing out the disseminating criticism that causes a breakdown in Forum critique , now you can "Stop It ". Sheesh !!
  11. Don't mean to be harsh here . as I have already pre ordered. I look at the texture detail in the cockpit textures and don't necessarily see the high standard that has been prevalent on the likes of the Hawk , C101 and even the Mig-15 which are some of the most recent modules. I hope I'm mistaken but I cant but help feel I'm looking at an upgraded FSX clone/port, I know its not but i do get that impression. Some of the cockpit framework looks a little plain and some of the LED on the dash and Hud look a little plain. Please this is just my opinion and I really do hope that this is not the
  12. Rodgy , that now makes perfect sense , I was anticipating a fully functional AP but now I understand the proper use . Thankyou both for clearing that up. Well I guess its time to tweak my hotas to suit flying on fine trim. Brilliant I love old school flying by the gauges, this just gets better a fresh and new approach to DCS. THX
  13. must be doing something wrong I fly level press APP ARM select HDG or HDG and ALT yet it just wallows off course as if is not recognising selection yes red lit on APP ARM as does the yellow for desired selection ? what am I missing Edit hang on maybe im understanding this incorrect The Flight director doesn't make flight corrections for you its just an advisory of course where as a autopilot will fly the AC for you...is this where im going wrong. I was assuming if I changed the heading bug the ac will fly to the bug , but is it more that the Flight director bars will in
  14. excellent thankyou , just stumbled on that same thread . thanks for the replies back to learning. By the way fantastic AC really enjoying a different flying aspect to DCS. this has been needed for some time, Thankyou
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