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  1. I learnt my lesson with the Huey, now I will reap the rewards with the Mi-8 at £12.44 tomorrow. In the words of great scholar Borat "Great Success!".
  2. ok, so after more practice I can start up and take off. I think I should learn all the hotas controls and what DMS, TMS and CMS are.
  3. Thanks guys which servers and TS do people recommend? What document can I read for basic flight manoeuvres and how to fly CAS in a proper fashion.
  4. 4 ink cartridges later and 350 sheets of paper I have A10C manual printed, I am going to read up on take off and landing. Thanks for the tips.
  5. How do i know where the runway is and what end to take off from?
  6. Are they in game? Are they in logical order?
  7. I have been following qa youtube video and after repeating the video I can start up the a10c manually. Now I am at a loss where do I go now? I don't know what CDU, TAD, SOI, EGI, HOTAS SWITCH LONG UP or any of the other jargon actually means.... Where do I turn now?
  8. I am really struggling with this, how can I target stuff when they are in dense forest and the Ka-50 has not got FLIR?
  9. Ok, I am going to re-learn how to start the A10C and take off over the weekend, I need to setup my trackir and joystick. I haven't played it in ages after getting frustrated. I will report back next week, although most of next week I am away for work. I just don't want to rock up on your teamspeak without a working game, profile or the ability to start it up :p
  10. Sounds good. The only night I cannot do is Sunday. I will have a read of your site and put in an application.
  11. Hi, This maybe the correct place for me to post! I am looking to get a squadron, I am very much a novice. I can start the aircraft, take off and sometimes land :p I am willing to learn and put the time in but I don't want to waste peoples time. Do I need to read and watch youtube until I can navigate, use the weapons and land? I am looking for friendly people to learn and play with, if it's all shouty and "Sir, yes, Sir" then it's probably not for me. Is there such a squadron willing to take a gamble and help me? I am English, 29 and hold a degree, so I think I can still l
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