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  1. I had trouble viewing the backer section intitially and had that resolved by emailing dcswwii@eagle.ru as stated in this thread. I emailed on July 13 and it was fixed the next day so I could select my rewards. It seems that after the backer page upgrade I no longer have access once again. I've emailed again about the issue. And thank you for taking on this mess.
  2. I did the lods file fix on page 4. It didn't help mine at all. I spent a couple hours last night trying various graphics options. Dropping all of my graphics options down to low with no anti-aliasing, no cockpit shadow, no tsaa, no heat blur, etc does nothing but raise my max fps a bit. I still get it to drop into the teens when firing.
  3. It's been horrible for months. I made a post about it way back in July, and it was a problem long before I posted about it. There have been several patches and nothing has been done about it. All of my friends with P-51 have the same problem too. If I fire in very short bursts, it's tolerable. If I hold down the trigger for a few seconds I can have my fps drop into the teens easily. Core i5 760 at 3.66 ghz. WD Black, 12 gigs ram, Radeon 7950 on a single 1920x1200 screen is what I'm running.
  4. Set it up how you want it really. My main suggestions would be left throttle = rpm lever, right throttle = manifold pressure. I use the eng oper springed switches for primer and engine start, the rocker hat switch for mags and the laste to mixture. My gear is set to the l/g wrn silence button. I use the joystick hat for pitch and aileron trim, and the countermeasures switch left/right for rudder trim. Trigger for guns and pickle button for rockets/bombs. I set the flaps down/up to the 3-way flap switch, but you have to click it down or up and return it to middle and repeat as necessary for eac
  5. I've noticed a slight difference. Like Merlin-27 said, jiggle the mixture between idle cutoff and run a few times while it's sputtering and it will fire if it's giving you trouble. I have mine set to a 3-way switch as well. I used this method even before 1.2.5 if I was having trouble.
  6. It's still just as bad as ever. It doesn't matter what my graphics settings are, I pull that trigger and I can drop my frames down to 10 if I hold it long enough and it drops below 20 very quickly. Is this issue ever going to be resolved? I just can't see why the Huey is capable of blasting its dual miniguns with no issues while we're still dropping below 20fps firing our six .50 cals. I know I'm not the only one. My specs: Core i5 760 @ 3.66 ghz, Powercolor Radeon 7950, 12 gigs ram, WD Caviar Black. :helpsmilie:
  7. Agreed. I spend far more time in the P-51 than I do anything else. I bought the P-51 and A-10 at the same time, bringing me into DCS, but I have everything. The P-51 is a more fun/challenging aircraft for just flying than any other besides the Huey, and despite what some people may imply, it is not combat ineffective in this world. It is a terror against Zu-23 AAA and APCs, and will often take quite a few hits while staying airborn and being able to limp back to base. It's also maneuverable enough to avoid many of these hits to begin with. Hit the deck and weave between buildings! Try download
  8. You choose the aircraft scheme when you create your mission. It isn't possible as far as I know to choose your paint scheme if you join someone else's server. It's all done in the mission editor. You place the aircraft in your mission and when you click the tab to change the weapons/fuel load out inside the editor, the paint schemes are in a drop down tab at the bottom.
  9. Thanks for the input. I'll give this a try next time.
  10. If I place an aircraft on the ramp, and set it to ramp start, it would be nice if it weren't sent to a random hangar 500 meters away instead of in a designated spot very close to where I placed it to begin with. It's a pain creating a map where I want several aircraft in a neat row together because I'll often have to place 30 aircraft, 26 of which are sent off to a random hangar before I get 4 in a row on the ramp together like I want.
  11. Finally someone else with this issue. Everyone else I've been playing with says they can still hear this stuff. Worked fine for me before the update.
  12. In the P-51, I cannot hear the sound of the battery disconnect being on and I cannot hear the primer.
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