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  1. Hi guys, QQ can we ban someone that isn't on the server at that moment, we are getting lots of reports of griefing on the 504 free flight server, most of them we manage to get whilst they are still on, but during the night we miss a few.
  2. The Yak-52 does have a finger tip light, so you can light up what you point the mouse at. Default control is Left Alt - L - I believe
  3. Hi Everyone. Next weekend 02/05/20 at 10:00 BST some of the pilots from the 504VFS are going to be flying a marathon/challenge event to raise money for the Starlight COVID-19 Appeal Starlight for those of you who may not have heard of it, is a charity who grant last wishes for terminally ill children, giving them some happiness in dark times. It's a charity close to a few members of our squadron. With current world events going on, they need more help than ever. The 504VFS will be hosting several streams on twitch, raising money via Twitch and Tiltify to suppot Starlight. The Ev
  4. Just wondering if anyone has a answer for this?
  5. Hey everyone, I'm curious if anyone knows if we can add the Stennis back to mission hosted on a dedicated server? It be really nice to add it on to the 504VFS Free Flight dedicated Beta server soon
  6. Hey everyone, apologies if this has been asked, I've searched the forum and can't find anything. I was wondering if it's possible to turn off the cities lights at night. This after all is a combat flight simulator, and usually in times of war, or when bombs start dropping city lights usually go out, weather this is due to a power plant being struck (usually day 1 target) or by choice to make bombing difficult. I've searched but can't see a way to make the map blackout at night. does anyone know if this is possible? or if there are plans to make it possible? maybe by using a triggger or
  7. I can confiem this, both the KC-130 and Hawk 3D models seem to now be missing.
  8. Been trying to A2A refuel tonight, but finding the probe just goes through the aircraft, it’s not seeming to connect. Also as I stabilised behind the KC135 the boom moved them the Tanker exploded. Not sure why
  9. Found the problem, having Triggered actions for the ICLS and TCN is causing the Stennis to ignore waypoints.
  10. Found a bug where currently the CVN 74 Stennis isn’t following any waypoints set in the ME, has any else experienced this? Done some tests and it seems to be working on some missions and not others, trying to find the cause
  11. Got this working perfectly, have the flow override switch on the WH as a modifier, then all the controls on the stick bound with the modifier, when the switch is up I use the LANTRIN control, when it’s down it’s HCU. Thanks for the advice
  12. Thanks for the tip, I’ve been looking in to this and think I have a great lan, so if I set a modifier, say the right flow override switch on the warthog, when that switch is on then the modifier is active, and the controls for the WH stick would work for the LANTRIN, when I turn that switch off it would go back to the HCU, Would that work as a modifier? Or with the switch condition could hit something like L/G silence to switch between the two?
  13. It absolutely does yes. But it’s required by 2 different control sticks, the HCU for Radar locking and the Lantrin laser
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