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  1. In earlier flights, the WP was placed on the ground. This time around, after latest Beta, the waypoint is 15,000 feet. My intl thought was that the Tgt Pod was messed up again. But then closer look at the ME revealed 15K. Not a huge deal, but might be worthwhile changing it to ground elevation for next DCS update. Thanks. This is my favorite mission and I replay it a lot. Dave
  2. chase

    SIMAPP Pro Setup

    I too use TrackIr. I use trackir's software to bind a key to recenter. So i do that outside of DCS. As for switching to a different profile, you can try to save what you have, that way you can swap back if you want. You click on the controller at top then save as a new profile. You could also save all your key bindings which are stored under user/saved games. Then once you have backed everything up, then try to download a profile and see if you like it. DCS could use better control assignments For sure.
  3. Good. It's not me then. Thank you for the information.
  4. chase

    SIMAPP Pro Setup

    I'm not sure i understand your question. Keystrokes?. I would assume my instructions would apply to all their products. Just search for Orion instead of battle panel. Then let it assign the commands. I did this post due to the lack of information on SimAppPro. Not sure what links you are looking for. There is no instruction for this software other than what WW supplies on their download page which is not much.
  5. Anyone else Experiencing over heating? The temp is pinned. only way to fly is with Invincible on. Even then a a white trail of smoke behind. I know the proper engine parameters. I'm just now after updating to current beta noticed this. i tried opening everything to include both switches on left to open and not auto. I'm guessing it's a new bug, just curious if others are experiencing this. If so I'll make a track for ED. Thanks. Dave.
  6. chase

    SIMAPP Pro Setup

    Hey thanks for the comment. I'm happy my post helped. : ) Dave
  7. Ah ok. Cool. I had circled the target area before ordering the attack. Waisting time lol. I'll fly it again today. I know. Just surviving is winning these days : ). Thanks for the help. I'm keeping these forums alive for you. Lol. Dave.
  8. I understand that. I'm not slamming the mission it's self. I'm just saying my opinion that i personally prefer to fly not as lead as it gives me something to do while making that treck across the pond. Maintaining formation alone makes the time go by a lot quicker. - so okay, unlike mission 3 where there are radio sounds and music practically the entire way this mission is bassically quiet. That's fine, just checking cause like i said my generator was off. So i didn't miss anything. I think there was another group of friendlies which took these guys on. By the time i followed in my flights to do the bombing run, all the enemy fighters were spashed. It all happens around the same time. - can you PM me the trigger which starts the ATA battle? That way you won't spoil it for others, but i may be able to avoid that trigger till I'm ready to take on some 109's. Thanks for the responce. I like the mission, just comparing miz 3 to 5. Dave. : )
  9. Are there any targets at the rail yard which upon damaged or killed result in a mission trigger? Meaning if i miss a target is there a chance I'm missing out on some action? The only thing i see about this mission is the boring flight across the water. Boring due to being lead. At least when i follow it gives me something to do which is staying in formation. Plus no radio chatter on the way across. Radio silence? Now this could be my fault. i didn't have the generator on for part of the crossing. That may of affected the radio to a degree. Then once at the rail yard, i shoot up a few trucks and train cars and nothing happens. during the runin, i get a call about some fighters in the area, but they never made it close to the target area. Just curious if there is more to this story. I really liked miz 3, as i flew in formation with lots of radio traffic to listen to on the long flight. Dave.
  10. I make numerous single player missions and this would proove very helpful for us Hornet Drivers. Any word on this feature request?. I'm not a need it now guy, nor am i asking for an unknown release date. Jusy curious if you've heard back yet. Thanks. Dave.
  11. Just wanted to officially close this thread. If the miz had been broken by a dcs update, it is good now. After taking out the choppers the mission pushes on forward. Probably my favorite mission out of the whole shabang. Thanks. Dave
  12. I have been noticing chatter in various gaming forums that Windows update has caused FPS issues across many titles. If you haven't already you may want to try installing the optional windows update April 28th KB5001391. Some not all, but some have been reporting FPS increased with this fix. I have not updated myself, but figured I'd pass this on. Dave.
  13. @Reflected Just to clarify. Are you, or have you added any coop missions ( 2 Player ) to the orig campaign using the Normandy map? Thanks Dave.
  14. This was my main issue. Once you took out the helos, did the mission progress like it should? Admittedly, i played this mission on the original beta release, not using the hotfix version of v2.7.0.5118. So maybe the hotfix also fixes the trigger?
  15. Possible. But if memory serves me right the F10 options come a tad later in the mission. If the next sequence of events were triggered upon the destruction of those helo's, then something is broke. I'll have to check my recording of an earlier time i flew this mission. Thanks for taking a look. Dave.
  16. Some of this is Likely a DCS issue and some ME. The Helos do not show up on radar at all. The only way i could find them was to use AG mode and use the new GMT track radar. A faint signature shows which you can lock. That's how i found the enemy choppers. Then once i downed both into the drink the mission became stalemate. Nothing else happened. I know from prior experience with this mission that we will get coordinates to attack a AAA Unit next. But those commands never happened. might be a broken trigger? Dave
  17. Hey and the forums for another win. I will try both methods. This too a good idea, using with a moving zone will allow what i want it to do. Thanks. Dave.
  18. That is a good idea!. Thank you for the scripting tool idea too. Thanks agian, Dave.
  19. Well I'm not a complete Noob when it comes to the ME. However, this one has me stumped. But then again, I never drafted a mission like this one. So the idea is to have a convoy traveling on a road. Then we swoop in and damage the lead vehicle. This will trigger the convoy ( Red side ) to stop and the troops to disembark their vehicles. Then I want a Friendly Helicopter ( Blue side ) to fly to this location and pick up some of the troops and fly back to base. Basically a snatch and grab mission idea. My question is how do I direct a Heli to a place that I do not know ahead of time where that place will be? The strike is on a moving convoy so with waiting on everyone to get set up and get there The vehicles could be anywhere within the search area by the time we intercept them. Mission is being catered for the new GMT Mode of the Hornet. So I have a trigger set up, when Lead security is damaged ( Tank ) I have it set up to have all convoy vehicles stop where they are. However, this could be anywhere. Next I have the troops disembark from their stopped vehicles. Now I want the Chopper to come in land for a few seconds and then fly away, which would look like they picked someone up and then departed quickly. But I don't know how I can tell the chopper where the convoy stopped?.. I've about given up, but figured I'd ask here, before I change the dynamics of this mission to something more simple lol. I only want to use stock tools, no scripting tools. 1) This is my main question. So in a nut shell, how do I order a friendly Chopper to fly to a unit which is going to end up stopping at an unknown time and place? Thanks for any tips on this action. Hope everyone is well : ) Dave.
  20. That may of been the issue, cause tonight there was no box. But your thought sounds likely. if or when i run across this again I'll save a SS. Thanks. Dave.
  21. Thank you everyone for the replys. Since the answer isn't obvious, I will test again tonight and will take a screen shot. Dave
  22. Has anyone noticed since DCS Updated current BETA adding in the ECM Functionality that the Combat Panel no longer works on the ECM knob? I had used the default key binding which download from SimAppPro which use to work with turning the knob. Now i have to use the mouse. I guess ED changed the Key Binds for this?
  23. I've noticed since the latest Beta, that now the Super Carrier has new HUD Symbology, resulting with a Square over top the carrier. This is great for finding the fleet, however, I could not figure out how to turn it off for my approach to land. If someone knows how to turn this off once in the pattern, it would be helpful. Thanks, Dave.
  24. Thank you for clarifying this. Yes, all switches do work, so that's what's important. Thanks for the posts. : )
  25. Within the past week, i got a message to update the SimAppPro software. Once i did the green lights on the panel diagram quit showing up. The actual panels work fine and light's work fine, it's just the software diagram no longer shows the position that the switches are in. Not a big deal as the switches still work, but it's still strange. Only the rotery dials still show position . I submitted a bug report to WinWing. Just curious if anyone else has seen this? Dave
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