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  1. Just as the title says: What historical era are you the most interested in? I see that DCS & co-developers are shifting/expanding focus to a more diverse spectrum of airplanes from different periods of time. And the community appears to be at issue, too, from what era the next big DCS modules should come from; at least judging from all the posts and threats about airplane and theatre requests. This leads to my question - I'd like to see an overview about what era of aviation is the most anticipated here in this community right now. (Of course the options in the polls are just simp
  2. Hi, I wonder whether Pilots in the real world use the Checklists from their airplane's manuals or do they use extra checklists and only use the manual as reference? For example in an official manual for an UH-1 model posted somewhere on this forum, the was a section with checklists for the helicopter (in a section called "aircraft operations" or something along these lines). Will the pilot use these pages when flying the Huey or a seperate document as checklist? Maybe someone who is a real pilot or crew chief can answer this question (not specifically for the UH-1, but in general)?
  3. Thanks for the heads-up! Still patiently waiting for a high-fidelity modern fast mover ... :cry:
  4. Short question: does F-15C "Hardcore module" mean that it will be the same fidelity like the A-10C/comparable modules? Are there any official statements by ED what priority this module has / any updates on the progress?
  5. Hi everyone, I am just now downloading 1.2.7 with steam and I'm getting malware alerts every few minutes. Avira says it has found 'TR/Crypt.ZPACK.Gen' malware in various files of the DCS steam install. I've had the same warnings back then when I installed DCS A-10C without steam, but ignored them, believing they were false alarm. I've only had these kinds warnings with DCS products. I'm NOT trying to accuse Eagle Dynamics of spamming me with malware or the like, but I would appreciate to know what could cause this or whether anyone else had the same issue.
  6. I use a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS. Is there any way to easily extend the length of the stick without the danger of ruining it? (to expensive to risk breaking it by experimenting with it...)
  7. Good job, man! Looked a little bit shaky from the cockpit view, but very good from the actual 3rd person view. Seems like more practice to enhcance my hovering skills will be the maxim for me...
  8. How could I say no to such an offer :D Looking forward to see how you'd do it.
  9. Maybe it's because you lose ETL (= Effective Translational Lift)?! Whenever you are slowing down with your helicopter (e.g. in a landing) and your speed drops under 40 kts, you have to compensate for the loss of air flow by pulling up your collective Otherwise your sink rate increases rapidly. If you then follow up by uncontrolled stick movements (e.g. pulling up the nose to much etc.) you might get VRS (Vortex Ring State), maybe comparable to stalling an airplane (at least by its effect = dropping like a stone...).
  10. Have you ever tried to "simulate" hovering mid air over a building, pretending that troops in the back of your huey fast rope down onto the roof? I've tried it today and, damn, I must say it's pretty hard. :joystick: Respect to the pilots that do these kinds of maneuvers in real life! The problem is not even to control the hover, but how do I know if I'm still directly over the roof? The only reference I have is the tiny cockpit window in front of the pedals, but that is just not enough to keep the hover steady. And without a real crew chief giving me instructions a stable hover over the
  11. Keep in mind though, that both modules (Huey and Hip) are among the hardest to master of the DCS series. Flying helicopters is a lot harder than flying airplanes in terms of aerodynamics and thus motor skills and hand-eye coordination. So don't expect to jump in either one of them and learn them to fly perfectly within a few hours. It needs practice! But if you are up to the challenge, get any one of those (or both) and have a good time! (Belsimtek makes DCS really strong in the rotary wing branch, best helicopter simulations that I know of)
  12. For example here http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/ on the ED website user file section. File type: "Single mission" in the filter. Or take a look in the forum section "Missions and Campaigns".
  13. 1. A Restart-Button in the ingame menu (additional to the Quit-button) 2. Something like a kneeboard for checklists, emergency procedures, Nav data (more detailed than let's say in the Su-25T, but something in that direction)
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