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  1. Thanks Yourgon ! *the YT thumbnail is missing because of the music
  2. Hello pilots ! My computer is broken and I'm no longer able to fly at DCS, so I'm spending all my money getting my commercial pilot license. Here is a video that I did during my private pilot training, hope you enjoy ! Nice flights for you all ! YOUTUBE link: VIMEO link: [VV]131743921[/VV]
  3. No need for fights guys ! :thumbup: Please read my last post. I just don't fly russian planes for a matter of choice, but I do respect them very much. All of us have our choices but in the end only one thing matters ... fly :pilotfly:
  4. Thanks for the answers guys ! I believe that I'll save the coupon then and wait to buy FC3 at Summer Sale :thumbup: Now about Russian planes ... I often fly airplanes belonging to the same nation or aircraft that share avionics in common. In games like ROF or IL2 for example, I only fly German planes. As a real life student of aviation this not only contributes to real applications but also requires "less study for DCS aircraft". Besides the F-15 my next goals for the DCS are the F-18 and Mirage 2000 :joystick: But thanks for the tips about getting FC3 and testing russian aircraft
  5. Yeah ! I said about the Short Tucano only. EMB-312 (the Brazilian version) can carry gunpods, rockets, bombs and fuel tanks. My father flew it for almost 10 years. I still remember when I used to go to the air base (around '96) and see him returning from a mission. Good times !
  6. Hey guys ! I'm wondering over here which of them I would buy. Before someone says: "Buy FC3 ! It already come with the F-15C !", I know it ! But I don't want to fly Russian planes and I already have the DCS:A-10C. All that I want is a fast mover at the moment before the F-18 rises in the horizon ! Finishing it, I also earned a 60% off coupon (unlimited time) when I bought my TrackIr 5 PRO for any DCS module. So ... 1 - Would you buy FC3 with the coupon ? 2 - Would you buy F-15C with the coupon ? 3 - Would you wait for Summer Sale (+- 2 months) and buy one of those ? 4 -
  7. Basically Short Tucano did 15 years ago what the Texan II do now. They are almost the same in terms of performance, but the Short Tucano can't carry weapons while the Texan II does. *Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong
  8. YES ! Especially if I can represent one of the great trainers of our Air Force ... +1
  9. "Fighter Day" (22/04) at Brazilian Air Force bkq5jsm9Rxw
  10. Hey guys ! I hardly post at this forum, but I had to come in and thank you for that project. You are spectacular ! I am even more grateful because the P-40 was one of the first fighters to compose the Brazilian Air Force and will be a pleasure to fly it in DCS. Below you have a quick and informative link with information during his service in our Air Force: http://www.rudnei.cunha.nom.br/FAB/en/p-40.html Thank you !
  11. Congrats to all winners ! Merry xmas and have nice flights !
  12. I'm one of these that couldn't afford by Kickstarter but succesfully pledged by Paypal ! Go for it Luthier ! We, the truly WWII simmers, are with you ! Just one question, how do I'll receive my forum acess and keys from the game ? By the email connected with my Paypal account ? BB
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