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  1. but if you do so, you will probably spend a million on maintenance ^^
  2. do you know the word for whats happening there? it's called "politics". as far as the "fired" missile is concerned, no one here can actually tell what happened there, but the fact that it did not explode makes it more likely that the missile was jettisoned. airspace violations are not rare either. i would bet the US(plus a couple other nations) is no different from russia in that point.
  3. strange is not the right word to describe whats happening... does anybody know if Mike Cinch Perry was regarding to something specific with "OK, now I understand why certain threds are deleted, LOL NICE WORK MODS!!!" ? or was it just a general "last post" statement?
  4. buy the addon "Flaming Cliffs", because most mods are not working with the old versions of lock on (1.00, 1.01, 1.02). to install the mod i recommend Lock On Manager(LoMan). PS: do you mean new skins? its really hard to understand what you are talking about.
  5. on http://www.virtual-jabog32.de some guy named "SuperVasya" is said to be the author.
  6. are you running 1.12 Flaming Cliffs or just the patch 1.02? Lock On:Black Shark is expected for this fall... so yes, there is still development going on.
  7. the last post on page 1 (by Ice) explains exactly what the problem with the F10 view is. don't know if you have read it, if you already did you should read it again...
  8. you could also try Alt + F4! :lol:
  9. Shift + Esc? I thought it was Alt + Tab... :music_whistling:
  10. in my case it's till now not that "bad". i just catch myself sometimes saying "negative" instead of "no".:)
  11. i've seen that video recently on tv. it was said that there occured a problem with the prototype's flight control computer.
  12. probably not. i have never heard of a system like that installed in the EF. pure fiction like the rest of the movie... just think of the SAM's flight performance.
  13. so what tells me that comment? if i was too direct or you didn't like my speech i apologize, but that video is just ridiculous.
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