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  1. The only updates I have seen concerning the F-15 is the new model for the AIM-120B and the addition of the AIM-120C. Has anyone seen any other information on the 15? Has anyone seen anything concerning the A-10. I used to scoff at anyone hinting that ED was being biased against the west and its equipment but now even I am having my doubts. :(
  2. "Cause your on fire, baby" :thumbup: :lol:
  3. Apologies for my choice of wording. :doh: :idiot: :surrender: Anyways, enough of the hijack. :D back on topic
  4. They could have edited the pics a bit better to make it believable but well.... :megalol:. What pointed it out to me is that the pics on the ground has a sizeable stub of broken wing but in the fuel pic and landing pic there is nothing (they even removed part of the taileron). plus the fact that the body might have given a bit of lift to aid in landing it but it would not have approached at a "normal" attitude but a slight starboard tilt.
  5. Not from me. This is not the appropriate forums for politics. Original post edited to avoid political discussion or flame war.
  6. I remember these pics from a while back, IIRC the pics on the right are (apparently) letitimate. The ones on the left are photoshops.
  7. As well as 7Z you could also use zipgenius, http://www.zipgenius.it/eng/index.php which is also free and can handle a multitude of formats including Zip & Rar.
  8. I'll call it Fighter Ops when they actually release the fighters. Until then it's Trainer Ops. ;) :lol:
  9. No I am not someone who is whinning because I was downed by a noob. They weren't noobs. Noobs spamming missiles I can understand but not veteran squad members.
  10. Yeah you got to admit those pilots really show their skill and tactics off when they spam off 6-8 ARH missiles in quick succession on a target such as a A-10 or a Su-25. Oh how they must rub their hands in glee when their scope shows a target like this and how they must feel so warm and fuzzy to bag such a prized target with so few missiles. :disgust: People that on one hand moan to ED that their beloved jet isn't modelled correctly, that this is supposed to be a sim and that all the flaws in said beloved jet (such as radar etc) should be fixed or their jets missiles are porked (because ED
  11. Are we there yet? Are we there yet Are we there yet? ;) :P
  12. Confusion over. Read this thread SLOWLY. ;) :P I browsed it quickly but still found this post.
  13. Well if you want an F/A-18 that is not modelled correctly then just change Humancockpit "yes" in the meinit file. :D Seems your grenade was a dud. ;) :P
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