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  1. Duh, so we did learn some trivia about living conditions in Portugal and Russia but almost nothing about the public display of BlackShark, no pictures, videos, any more details.. Strange.. :cry: In comparison there were tons of material from the last expo was it a year or two ago?
  2. Thanks! Awsome cockpit pictures. I'm just wondering how does the real/last gen of Ka- look like, because they certainly used glass panel and more electronics than in those early "prototypes" as pictured.. Well, I guess that's a state secret so nobody knows.. ;)
  3. That's right but one thing is to bring for examplke a new digital camera under the customs radar so to speak. And another thing is to try it with 42" sized panel :megalol:
  4. Uh, you guys in the US have surely toys almost for free. This Full HD 42" monitor goes for cca $1.3k. While that would be impossible to get for less than 1.5k EUR overhere..
  5. Unfortunately you can't wrap it 100% exactly into this shape without some slight distortion. It could be manufactured that way though as a section/partial sphere but that would be only for one particular setup. But the best solution is obviously the Bourke method - to have it enabled in game engine as software warping, so every setup could be easily changed via parameters for individual pit/pj/screen setup. Lets hope one day the sim developers will acknowledge that it's more important to spend few hours on coding this immersive feature (again couldn't stress more that the code and wor
  6. This is basically the passive system in a nutshell: #1,2,3 The first two pics show the jumbo cabin facing curved projection screen and the pj. The mylar sheet is curved and fixed in the frame. The third pic is the same concept but different simpit. #4 The last pic is from completely conceptual different setup, for our purposes here just focus on the cylindrical screen (disregard the top section). This is very smart "curtain hack" how to have cylindrical projection from two curved tubes and sheet => very diy and low budget as well as space compact/disassemble ready for non permanent
  7. Passive warping projection system> Pls. refer to the links in other threads, the MSFS guys used for their home jumbo cockpits one particular type of flexible mylar sheet mirror but I think you can use any general type used in furniture/home decoration/design which could be bended a bit. I think they mentioned on their forum the specific vendor for these mylar mirrors both in the US and EU. In terms of price that's just a few euros per the required small rectangular sheet. In terms of the actual setup/dimensions for this passive style - you can either have: - the crude MSFS method -
  8. Hi GGG87> I'm glad there is some interest in this immersive technology, please specify what you are after: For the passive warping system> one pj & mylar mirror there will be always some distortion because as you can see from the Bourke projection/setup examples, you can't twist the mirror all the way in 3D fashion all that much. But the MSFS people have relatively good results with the approach, the slight distortion is acceptable for the immersive factor and low/no price of the setup. For the active/software warping system> we need either a/ support directly from th
  9. In the meantime Ka-52 in EECH (mod) is already having the long wished for thingy - MFD/pseudoABRIS view export (early beta version) a crucial feature that BS probably won't have anyway be it release 2008.. On the other hand there is no high res widescreen/surround hack for TripleH2go in EECH which is one of the biggest problems and this obviously works fine in Lockon/BS (edit: chances are that these resolutions might be supported shortly).. (Pics from DickDastardly's setup) http://www.simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2136680&page=1&fpart=6
  10. ggg87> You can have it right now like the MSFS guys, basically a "passive system" but with little bit of distortion. Just take one pj (widescreen preferably), sheet of mylar mirror, curved projection screen, adjust your FOV in the settings and you are all set. As far as I understand it the best approach from fps/video fidelity standpoint though is to make those warping/edge blending/and adjusting calculations or what have you directly in the game engine. That's like in the Unreal/Quake in fisheye/panorama versions or as the mil. grade simulators work. Now, these effects could be appli
  11. Got some spare 8800GTX? Well, what about put them into some serious work - SoftTH in 5760x1200 85Hz (1920x1200 on each monitor) - performance rFactor is 4x AA and 16x AF at 28 FPS.. Actually the texture limit of 8800gtx in directx is cca 8100x8100pixels.. Pictures, details: http://www.lfsforum.net/showthread.php?p=334212#post334212 PS the Lockon/BS dev team should seriously look into the spherical, cylindrical projections as described on the previous page, the technology is here and frankly long overdue. We only need the little help on the code site (and most of the workflow and c
  12. The new tripleH2go digital edition has got some bezel management to compensate for the distortion caused by lcd/monitor frame. Anybody knows whether the author of that software app. is planning to support similar feature? Benefits of Monitor Bezel Management: Real life simulation: http://www.matrox.com/graphics/en/gxm/products/th2go/digital/home.php
  13. -Yes, I've posted some info about affordable immersive projections for sims a while ago: http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=7135&page=8&highlight=projection -And in other threads also posted about the *half/full dome - this option works best with software support, where you export the warped picture which could be cylindrical or composit of cubic projection/fishey. This is pretty easy supported by DirectX and OpenGL libraries, just few lines of code, but obviously no big game dev supports it at the moment since there is no "demand/market" for it. There were (hope still are dow
  14. Great, thanks for posting. Lets hope that there will be some plans available for the Kamov pit from BlackShark too.. Btw. I don't understand why you are not using some advanced key emulator platform, perhaps something like IOCP/SIOC and keycards from opencockpits.com
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