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  1. Actually Snoopy/Nine found something ED missed that allows for it in the real plane, it's why you don't deal in absalutes. Hopefully it makes it in game, would be great for those of us who can't use head tracking, etc. I'd pay another $9.99 just to have the new textures and weapons on our old bird, was my reason for upgrading.
  2. Thanks NineLine! As I said elsewhere, your the best! Run that up the flagpole till someone salutes!
  3. Big, this is supposed to be a game as well. Pass it on to the developers please rather than a flat no. Alot of people spend big money for fun as well as realism, don't lose sight of that.
  4. Thinking of seeing if I can make a macro that will do AG SOI to standby and back so I can quickly re bore site. Helmet really isn't useful to me or a group of vets I play with that have head and neck injuries from combat and we can't use head tracking software, etc to reliably and quickly look around to use it. Biggest upgrade reason was new weapons and skins. The F18 group complained enough they got their own button for a real/unreal TDC depress. Wonder if we can present rationally to the Dev's, not the Community Managers, that besides realism there is still some game playability to it,
  5. Is there a quick way to import your current A10 profile?
  6. Hi, is there anyway to get around or turn off the 10 minute delay thing? I bought a license for my buddy, but run the server on my pc as I have gig internet. Under advanced I have all the allows, including data export checked, but many of our missions are 15 minutes, and his files are missing most of the flight. Thanks!
  7. Part I Kermit Strikes: Part II Piggy Strikes Back: Part III Revenge of the Kermit: https://youtu.be/AYvk49BZ18 All missions authorised under President Scwazanager and commanded by Admiral Kermit. F18 lead flown by J-TK with wingman and F14 backseater Tyrsi
  8. F18 tryst to take on SA 300 Part III [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
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