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  1. My wife also always refers to me "flying", whenever I'm in my man cave, on my PC, even if it's not playing DCS World Virtual flying has definitely had a big impact on my motor skills and spacial awareness (especially in VR). Just before Covid times, I started gliding (soaring) at a local club and the instructors remarked that I had an intuitive feel and learned very quickly. I made my first solo flights very early, after only 30 or so starts, which is no time at all, considering most flights were only 10 to 15 minutes long. Very unfortunately, only a couple of weeks after m
  2. During Covid times I've had a lot more time to work on this project, to build the DCS aircraft in plastic, and there's a few more I've completed since. You can check out my full collection on instagram, for those so inclined: https://www.instagram.com/dcs_modeller/
  3. Pretty sure the HMCS shouldn't display when looking there. It's not very apparent from the VR screenshot, but my focus is roughly below the depressable pipper,
  4. When looking at the HUD my HMCS display won't hide properly. The HMCS will show when looking in the area of the top third of the HUD and will dissappear a bit higher and then reappear again just below the canopy bar. Bug or am I doing something wrong?
  5. What would you call a speculative hi-fi A-10A module then? Please don't say you'll never so one or rule it out :D I like to think that if the A-10C can get an avionics upgrade, it can also can an avionics downgrade. This might seem silly to some, but I'd love to fly around in an authentic 80s era camouflaged A-10A, with all the challenges that come with it.
  6. Sure, and as someone who also works in marketing I still can't help but lament the fact, that "Thunderbolt II" would have been perfect for this module, and that "Tank Killer" would have been perfect for a hypothetical hi-fi A-10A module :D
  7. The "II" is literally in the official name. A bit of a missed opportunity perhaps? The "Tank Killer" name is nice and nostalgic, but maybe it would have been much better applied to a high fidelity fully clickable A-10A (which I sincerely hope we get as well one day). Would be more fitting too, since the A-10A was originally specifically designed as a tank killer and it would fit the 70s, 80s cold war and 1990 Desert Storm scenarios. By contrast, the modern day A-10C is primarily used as a CAS aircraft and less a tank killer.
  8. Very little Pimax news at the moment... Surprised to see this thread slipped down. I received my Pimax 8KX yesterday, which I bought via the Kickstarter backer upgrade program. Pretty happy with it so far. Very nice upgrade in clarity over the 5K Plus. Cockpit elements are much, much easier to see now. Performance wise, I haven't noticed much of a difference at all, which is great. I had the 5k plus running at higher pixels anyway, and the visual results with the same settings on the 8KX are much better, given the higher resolution panels. The new headstrap is also a great improvem
  9. Sure, but they need to start somewhere and the alternative shouldn't be not to continue developing it.
  10. Good :) SRS, as good as it is, is still a workaround that requires extra installation, server connection and ultimately more effort on the part of the user. Users who are not on SRS don't hear what is said on certain frequencies, even though realistically, they should be hearing what is said. Also, many servers use weird combinations of SRS, Teamspeak, Discord etc. In fact, radios can be seen to have "incomplete" functionality in DCS, as the most they can do is relay canned AI comms and don't really function as a real life radio. So I'm really glad we're getting native radio functi
  11. The lack of eastern aircraft isn't a coinicidence and it's not due to neglect either. We'd all love more eastern aircraft and a full systems Flanker and personally, I think it would probably sell even better than an F-15C. However, unfortunately there are some buerocratic hurdles that make this difficult, and that's why most deem it quite unlikely.
  12. I've had a 5k+ for almost a year now and I've been very happy with it. Yes, it's not perfect, but the great resolution and large FOV was worth it in my eyes. The shortcomings were mainly in comfort, which I solved by modding the facepad and adding a vive deluxe audio headstrap with 3d printed parts. Performance has improved greatly since release, with improvements to pitool (as well as improvements on DCS side I'm sure). The 8kx seems to have resolved the comfort issues nicely, with improvements to visual quality, so I took the plunge and ordered the 8kx through the upgrade program.
  13. I'm still happy with the 5k+ to be honest. I do sometimes have to move the headset around a bit to get it picked up, but then it works pretty flawlessly.
  14. How was this a small footnote in the weekend news? This is big!
  15. It's especially visible in VR. There's something different about the Spitfire prop, how it's rendered or something. I think it's also what distorts the gunsight when motion smoothing is activated.
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