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  1. This is a shameless crosspost from the Gazelle forums because the same question applies to the Mi-8 :) So can anyone help with the Mi-8? What are the real life cyclic and pedal deflections?
  2. Bonjour fellow flying antilopes. Feel free to skip the giant preamble and go straight to the question. :book: We all know that many of the control problems in simming come down to the differences in deflection between our home joysticks and their real life counterparts we are trying to approximate. Now, since the DCS helicopters ( and especially this beauty ) really do require us to properly train our muscle memory, those problems become harder to just ignore or work around for me. Of course the easiest sollution would be to match the deflection or travel of the real controls by extendi
  3. Could you elaborate on your objection towards the metaphor "on the fly"? I take just a slight communicational irritation. I'm sorry but repeating the same half knowledge of it beeing primarily an interceptor will not make it more factual. The aircraft is fielded as a multyrole combat aircraft by it's users, with all the implications that result. Besides that the term "interceptor" is wrong to begin with in this case. In the air to air regime it's design has always been that of an air superiority fighter. As for the remark on stealth and range, that is precisely why I used the expressio
  4. Guys UH Tigers carry 4 Stingers by default on the outer pylons. Since years.
  5. The Typhoon fleet is constantly developed overall. New capabilities are backwards integrated over time. Don't know how the RAF handles things but Luftwaffe Tranche 1 EFs do the default AG loading ( LGBs ) just like Tranche 2. More weapons are integrated on the fly so to speak. As for the F-35 comparison I can't see a single thing the F-35 can do in terms of ordnance that the Tiffy can't. The SA will probably be superior in the F-35 especialy in CAS situations but then the EF can carry more payload ( especialy a more complete weapon package in swingrole loadouts ). Apples and oranges
  6. I'd say realism all the way. As close as it gets please.
  7. Thank you very much chaps - outstanding work. Wholeheartedly appreciated.
  8. The absolute correct and ( in my eyes ) most practical method is pressing and holding the trim button, changing flightpath / speed and then releasing the button. As said before that way you don't have the AP interfere with what you're doing and it's way less complicated then changing AP modes. I got it mapped to the pinky switch on the X-52, so it's easy to keep it pressed without loosing any other functionality. FD is quite similar to keeping the trim button pressed permanently ( maybe identical - feels identical to me anyway ). Good for attack runs and the like.
  9. That's a simple function called type ( pylon ). It's easily adjusted for each pylon in the meinit.
  10. It's probably because the game takes the pylon positions directly from arguments on the model, like on the Su-25T. Try going to Scripts\Aircraft\_Common\Pylons.lua and change coords_from_model_flags[KA_50] = 1 to 0. Didn't test it but there is a small chance for it to work. Oh. For the 3D mesh parts in front of your cockpit, the only way to solve that is editing the position of the player pit. Go to Config\View\server.lua and find CockpitLocalPoint[PlaneIndex.iKA_50] = Edit the XYZ coords to your liking. Cheers Hunin
  11. It's relatively easy to do, a bit easier then in Lomac even if you ask me. Blackshark has the whole xml based meinit stuff and large portions of the code in lua files. Those can be opened with any text editor and offer most of the xml files benefits combined with easy accessibility. With a text editor like "Notepad ++" or the like you will be able to close and open taps whilst viewing the file, giving you easy navigation. The information what country fields what equipment is in a file called "db_countries.lua" in your Scripts\Database folder. Open that file and search for the Ka-50's ID
  12. Well without online registration there is no save copy protection. The only thing you can do is bind the game to a certain hardware profile and register that in your own database, which is exactly what they will do now. I mean when westerners have a problem with mandatory online activation the picture won't be any different for Russia, if it's not worse there because of more sparse internet availability. I don't think 1C could hope to sell a lot of copies when they included the online activation.
  13. Well the delay of the western release mostly due to the legal distribution methods in the western countries. And I don't really think that the programmers doing the Demo are responsible for the localisation either ;). When you look at the posts by Wags you get a clear picture of whom is the targeted audience of the demo. Their will to even speed up the Demo release to compensate for the late western release shows that they do care about the community and want to give us something to play with for the time being. And that's not something you can take for granted in the sim world. In f
  14. The cost statements are all wrong and the integrated loadout lists are incomplete / old aswell.
  15. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logic http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knowledge http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judgment If you can't tell why a turret is a bad idea for a single seat gunship that has been proven to do it's job perfectly without I'm afraid noone will be able to help you. Especialy not when you ask for it to engage sudden attacks by SAMs.
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