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  1. that would indicate there is something wrong with the file (.dds) Change to make sure the size is correct (follows the 1024x1024 or 2048x2048...etc...), and the compression.
  2. MPalmer

    OH6 mod

    that means they are conflicting...so yes need to delete the AH-6 mod and leave the OH-6 Mod (and by delete, I mean move the folder out of saved games...somewhere outside the DCS folders)
  3. so if you enjoy dogfights...stay away from clouds
  4. The forums page was live then they removed it... Comment #4624748
  5. Where did this page go? https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/170893-dcs-world-25-changelog-and-updates-of-open-beta/page/5/?tab=comments#comment-4624748 - - - - - - - - - - - Site is rather slow...so you folks must be redoing it and adding it somewhere else
  6. hahahahahahaha...that ship has sailed...we no longer get updates every 2 weeks...the new moniker should be... ehh...next month or 30 days
  7. Was in your shoes 5 years ago... DCS is still being refined and (for me), it's the CPU that was holding me back...I burnt up 2 AMD CPU's trying to fly this sim (FX-8350).. So your wishlist should be... upgrade your CPU to either an i7 or i9 (there are some good sales to look out for) upgrade your GPU....good luck on that one...they are in short supply..if you stick with Nvidia, look for a RTX 2000 series 2nd SSD for DCS only (500gb). You are not gonna get what you want until you spend money on a new (current) PC....in DCS!! of note
  8. So that means I do not have the correct template for it...which one has them?
  9. Dear Livery Creators...I have a request... Have you made a layer for the Nose Art (Shark/Wart/Rhino) to transfer from the older A-10C? Before I start down the route, if you have created them, would you be willing to share your work?
  10. NO Frankenstein's!!...should I have to find the quote??
  11. Quote from the newsletter "Check out the Tinian Island In Development Screenshots." I'm i missing something...I only see 3 pic's and they look nothing like the ones in the newsletter... it's the Aguijan island...by the looks of google is not populated
  12. hmmm....so it's not wanting to work in the FM range
  13. Check to make sure the VHF button on your Warthog is not binding to another command... i.e. remove the binding from VHF, then hit the same button agian to see if it goes to another keybind.
  14. Re-check the links...Urbi helped me make some changes to the livery files...I like them! I'll post a user link once I have uploaded to the Digital Combat Sim Server
  15. Newer Style Paint scheme (Noses Radome is painted) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1titAd-SKg0QLHbY072AQk1Avw6JTYrd8/view?usp=sharing <==Temp Link until I finish up the livery Older Style Paint Scheme, the Radome is unpainted https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rdd9av_hHMVSv7vWOrpmbhlOH0ru19Cv/view?usp=sharing <==Temp Link until I finish up the livery
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