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  1. The greek skins are now included in DCSW 1.5. This mod version is deprecated and not compatible with DCSW 1.5. Thanks to E.D. and all HAF Mod users. See you in the next mod version.
  2. We are considering it. We'll release a few greek unit models first though. P.S. Of course, considering something is a long way from completing something (taking real life obligations into account).
  3. That should be correct (I can't run 1.5 or 2.0 to test it). We contacted ED about this and they were kind enough to say they would add them to the game. So with the new game versions you won't need to download the mod anymore, but we will release a new mod version in the future which will focus on adding new air, ground and naval units (used by Greece) to the game.
  4. Here is a short WIP video of the Meko type 200 HN frigate by =GR=Astoxos, to be included in version 1.1 of the Hellenic Airforce Mod. Starting from v1.1, units used by the Greek Armed Forces but missing from DCS World, will be added to the game.
  5. The Hellenic Aiforce Mod Mod for DCS World v.1.0.6 is released. The updated download links can be found in the thread's first post. Version 1.0.6 (30/06/2015) Skin corrections Installation upgrade function enabled Minor mod corrections Added compatibility with the USN/USMC-Swiss AF Mod (included the Swiss flag so that it doesn't get replaced when running HAF Mod Repair)
  6. OK, thank you. Now the main question: Can I have my Sunday back? :cry: ... Ah never mind, I'll get over it!
  7. Just did another test. The problem (from the skin's lua point of view) seems to be caused by some missing lines in the game's AF Standard skin: {"su27_pylon",0,"su27_pylon",true}; {"pilot_SU_body", 0, "pilot_su",true}; So it looks like the skin maker can't do anything more about it.
  8. Yes the Su-27 was an example. The two planes used in the test were in a different Coalition. Red seems to have a priority. So, if you place the USN plane in red, it will display the American pilot. If you put it in blue, it will display the default Su-27 pilot. Is there a solution in the lua file, without mission planning workarounds?
  9. Just found out that if you omit some "default" values instead of setting them to true in a skin's lua file, there are artifacts on the skin if another plane of the same type (with a different skin) appears in the mission. Yay! :cheer3nc: How do you prevent this when you have a custom pilot? For example, if a Su-27 has a third party skin like the "USN VF-213 Blacklions AJ-212" from DCS User Files and another Su-27 having the game's "Airforce Standard" skin appears in the same mission, then the USN pilot is not as it was meant to be. Here is the lua code for the game's AF Standard:
  10. The Hellenic Aiforce Mod Mod for DCS World v.1.0.5 is released. The updated download links can be found in the thread's first post. Version 1.0.5 (09/05/2015) Added fictional skins for new flyables: Mig-21, Mig-15, C-101, Hawk Minor mod corrections Version 1.0.4 (08/04/2015) An installation problem with Steam versions of DCSW is now fixed Minor mod corrections
  11. I don't know if ED has any plans of officially adding Greece to the coutries list, but if you want it a community mod exists. You can try out the Hellenic Airforce Mod here: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=125283
  12. trigger zone-1 static unit cargo load-1 (inside zone-1) trigger unit outside zone zone-1,load-1 -> message "ok" When the mission is running the message OK is displayed. ["trigrules"] = { [1] = { ["rules"] = { [1] = { ["unit"] = 1, ["coalitionlist"] = "red", ["predicate"] = "c_unit_out_zone", ["zone"] = 1, }, -- end of [1] [2] = { ["coalitionlist"] = "red",
  13. It was used in ancient Greece (some times also as part of meanders) and it was called the «Γαμμάδιον» (Gammadion)
  14. As far as I know there is the US Navy mod, the Swiss Airforce mod and the Hellenic Airforce Mod. You could download any of them to use as an example for making your own country mod. You don't need a program to do this for you, you can easily do it yourself. It's just some minor lua scripting and mainly artistic things like photoshop and 3ds max (if you want to add new models). Have you ever had such problems with the HAF Mod (if you've ever used it)? All the users are able to join servers and no one has reported a problem on this, but since I don't play DCS anymore I can't test it my
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