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  1. Once you load the game, press ~ key and type in: "Poke 3245212"
  2. This guy wants to CUT every Flanker pilot's manhood - his long stick ET. Are you sure you want to trust him?:pilotfly:
  3. Hey, you talk like those fancy 50,000$ suit lawyers..I don't understand a thing you're saying?:huh:
  4. ^^ Guys, don't pay attention to GG's poll. It's a product of capitalist yanki NATO fanbois organization. And GG is flying F-15C, which makes him dangerous to our freedom-loving goal of putting those nice additional ETs on our Flanker. And remmeber: by voting in this poll, you support CAPITALISM.
  5. Your comparison is a bit off, don't you think? Regular A10s don't have AA radar nor they carry Amraams nor were designed to do so. Su-27 on the other hand, carries and deploys ET missiles and we had real-life photos of RuAF Flankers taking off with those missiles underneath. Reglardless of the 'unrealistic' performance they would have in Lomac, if planted under fueselage, they would still make a lot more sense on an SU27 then your Amraams planted on a Hog.:D
  6. Of course, this is what I was referring to. Not everyone knows there's LOPE and how to use it, so it's quite ok. to ask this question. Take care mom! Love, HRZ
  7. What? Already bailing out? Cmon man, not all votes are being counted. You still have Florida!
  8. Vote people, vote, vote, vote and....vote!
  9. Thanks for the info! So basically, we could have additional ETs on the Flanker as those can be used without coolant. The only problem would be, Lomac doesn't model "degraded" missile performance without the coolant, but that shouldn't be much of a deal as the missiles itself CAN be deployed from other pylons, and we also seen recent photos of those mounted under the fuselage.
  10. Was I asking for your oppinion? No? So, why are you LOL-ing your way into my post? LOL-Off will ya?
  11. Ok. let's recap: most of the people in the poll are simply sick of waiting for Black Shark. I suggest all those who voted the nr.4 option be given beta tester status.
  12. Can you post a scan of that text or something? Just put it in the quotes and name the source, and FBI won't knock at your door for breaching copyrights.
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