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  1. Thank you. That makes sense. It would be great if we could get the ability to set the default altitude, although I realise it's not a priority right now.
  2. Hi! There seems to be a bug with the Ka-50 PVI-800 coordinates. It fails to take coordinate altitude into account (or at the very least it's not consistent) If you enter the decimal coordinates from the F10 map, it doesn't take into account the altitude of the target (on top of a mountain for example) but if you lock a target on top of said mountain that has the exact same coordinates and transfer the coordinates to the PVI-800 using the Shkval Target Point Designation method in the manual, then once you reset everything and uncage the Shkval while having the TP selected on the PVI-800 it immediately slews to the target. Since there's no way of inputting altitude information in the PVI-800, it would seem that one of these approaches are wrong. In this first image, the tank on top of the hill has the coordinates N23.374, E056.192 Two target points, with the first image showing what happens when you uncage the Shkval to coordinates that were inputted manually. In this second image, the coordinates were inputted using the Shkval Target Point Designation. As you can see, when the Shkval uncages, it snaps directly to the target. So, two identical target points, but only one of them takes altitude into account.
  3. Thank you for checking. It was my mistake, I assumed it would start flashing immediately, not after a delay. That's on me.
  4. It's not a documented behaviour in DCS, no. I'll quote the manual and post a translation. As you know, the output from TAKT on the CK37 can be used to indicate whether or not you still have weapons or pylons left on the hardpoints. A 1 means that there's a weapon on the pylon (only applies for "new" weapons that send an IDENT-code to the computer) or that there's a pylon still on the hardpoints (like after dropping bombs, you still have the thick pylons hanging) A 0 means an empty hardpoint (tom balk), or ARAK/AKAN pods. This means that it'll be a 1 if you've dropped all your bombs but the pylons are still attached to the hardpoint. The list of new weapons are found in the following picture: "After enginge start all six pylons are continously monitored for health and status. Because not all loads identifies electrically to the aircraft's computer system, the monitoring will only gives improved funktionality where the "new" weapons are attached (RB 15, BK90, RB 75, RB 24/24J and RB 74). During the indentification stage, the IDENT-code is read from the respective hardpoint. The code reveals if the hardpoint is empty or if any load has identified itself, or if the correct settings have been made to the load. The IDENT-code is also read during the operative stage. In conjunction with dropping/firing, the code indicates separation from an empty hardpoint or pylon depending on the weapon" "1 * OK The weapon is identified - * Allowed IDENT-codes are sent by RB24/24J,74, RB 75, RB 15, BK, AKAN, ARAK 70 and an empty hardpoint 0 * FIRED The weapon has been fired (Only applies to the "new" types of weapons)" 0 * EMPTY The hardpoint sends the IDENT-code for an empty hardpoint (no pylons attached), an AKAN pod, or an ARAK pod. The swedes implemented an extra check to see if weapons still remain on the pylons. You move the mode selector to SPA and if weapons are hung on the pylons, FÄLLD LAST will flash. This is useful when the TAKT output won't change after firing, such as when firing an RB04 or dropping bombs. Once you jettison all the pylons, you should get all zeroes. The picture below, take a look at the very bottom. "Flashing FÄLLD LAST indication is shown when: -- -- -- Remaining RB 04, BK 90, bombs and RB-15 pylon at selection of mode SPA and RB 15 at selection of mode LAND." The following is for the BK90. "Weapon firing occurs when the trigger is pressed. Only impulse mode for weapon firing is possible" The translation is mine, and is a little rough.
  5. The issue is still the switch to SPA and expecting the Fälld last light to flash. It doesn't. Also, firing the BK90 shouldn't light the Fälld last light according to the Swedish manuals.
  6. Thank you, I'll try to fix it. EDIT: Updated. I might add that there's still some minor issues remaining concerning the FÄLLD LAST and SPA mode (flashing lights if payload remains). Also.
  7. On the mission "Open Range" the UH-1s don't seem to be able to spawn at Maykop, only the blue FARP, but the Mi8s can spawn at their airbase as well as their FARP.
  8. Has it been patched? Can't see it on the latest DCS version that got released today
  9. Hello @RagnarDa the forum link doesn't work anymore since the forum update. Will you please correct the link?
  10. Well. The RWR bug would be something that would be worth writing about. The Search button specifically.
  11. I think you misunderstood me. What I meant was Do we have any proof of that ED thinks the current behavior is correct and that's the reason for them not fixing it?
  12. Yup. It's an easy change, so it's irritating. One line per shell of the M39 in a shell_table.lua.
  13. I find that if you fly it at a speed where you require no rudder input, the autopilot can hold a course for the longest period of time. It's around 85 knots or so.
  14. Bump, if we can get it acknowledged.
  15. I might add that it doesn't show if someone is locking you (The circle around the threat). Only when someone has fired a Fox 1 at you do you see a flashing circle. Never a solid one, unlike mod-free.
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