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  1. So I am trying to make a script where the fence on the Oak Hill lowers and deploys an LCAC. Do you know how to write the lua to include the speed of the animation?
  2. Figured it out! If there are people that were wrapping their nuggets on how to add static aircraft with open canopies and covers like I was, let me know and I can now help.
  3. Please pardon my ignorance when it comes to mission editing. I feel that it has to be super painful to deal with my level of retardation, but I did every task as you described but it didn't work. I copied and pasted the lua into the livery folder that I made for the stennis as seen in the pic, but no dice. Do I need to add anything else in the Livery folder or is the lua the only thing? Should I see the custom arguments in the "PAINT SCHEME drop down after creating a new livery? Also what does identifying the GT.name do in step 2 of your tutorial? Dude, I totally owe you for helpin
  4. This thread is meant to start a discussion on creating custom arguments for objects. I am trying to make custom arguments to have carrier decks and ships have different deck configurations within the game>
  5. I am super new to scripting and I am fighting an uphill battle that seems like it should be easy... I am trying to set a few custom arguments to have uncontrolled hornets have their wings extended at an airbase with the canopy up (i.e crew ready) and a few that are buttoned up with covers on and remove before flight tags. I was hoping that they would start and the canopy closes but i understand that might be a bit too much to ask. Additionally, I was hoping to have the supercarrier cruise with the elevator doors open and the elevators lowered. Is there a way to do this? EDIT: This is b
  6. Awesome model Admiral. Big fan. I know this is off topic but, Rusty do you know if a YouTube video shows step by step how to add a custom argument to a static object? Or even one that shows how to adjust the elevators and doors of carriers? Sorry again to fill this thread with nonsense, but I am just beginning to get into scripting and struggling to find a good starting point that isn't overwhelming to read.
  7. I would love to have US Marine Aviation implemented into the DCS. MV-22, UH-1N/Y, AH-1Z etc. Especially with the future release of the F/A-18C, the D model would be pretty easy, especially once the F-14 by Leatherneck productions is complete. You really open the whole can of worms with Marine Aviation when you include LPDs, LHAs and CVNs and the other supporting ships
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