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  1. Please I just bought a used Quest to try VR and I am very pleased other than not being able to read MFDs etc.. Is there that much of a difference between the two and would you mind give your the most important setups for a better experience? I do own a 1070Ti.
  2. Can anyone confirm fit with this cover please. I am looking for the VFX, the alpha and the Warthog F-18 stick. It is important for the bag to fully close since they would be used to store the grips while not in use. Thanks.
  3. I bought every single modules to encourage DCS to grow. It always been a dream to fly as a hobby and now I can't stop thinking its going one step closer to being the best available. Thanks and keep it up. Bring on the module and patch those bugs ;) Thank you .
  4. It's been a long time since my last visit to the forums but I need to ask is the asset pack included with the map for those who backed the project years ago?
  5. I remember in the mig-21 FM there was a flight controls setup guide for a standard joystick dictating you how curves, saturation and dead zones would match the real thing. I was expecting the same with the Viggen, let's hope they come with something similar since the sensibility between their two aircrafts are like night and day. I know both aircrafts are not the same, its just too sensitive for my taste. I must say I got used to fly the fishbed, guess I need some time to learn the new beast. I always wish to get the 2 and 3 positions switches to work with their aircrafts and the wartho
  6. Awesome. Just bought it in a blink of an eye. With the excellent record they held with the Mig-21, no doubt it will be a top notch product from the start. Well done LN.
  7. Québécois de la rive nord ici, et oui j'aime bien la poutine! Looking forward for my kids to grow up a little so I can concentrate a little bit more on this game ;) Jokes aside, even if we are not all in a team maybe we could fly together on a shared TS channel one day. A plus et joyeux Noel à tous !
  8. VEAO Hawk is a good example of how long it can take to merchandise such product. I do think RAZBAM is ahead there as this very plane is already available on to the FSX play atform. I must admit since I saw the movie les chevaliers du ciel my interest kind of grew in me for that plane.
  9. Very funny I was thinking exactly the same. The kids don't mind eating peanut butter, the wife will get used to it ;) Joking aside, I am happy to say that my collection is now completed, got the two trainers, the black shark and the mig-15 and I would say the mig surpasses my thoughts in terms of quality. I just hope Belsimtek finishes everything they started soon, I'm the kind of guy who likes to read the manuals that comes with the products. I'm glad to be able to help the developers even though I don't have much time to enjoy this sim. Can't wait for what's coming up!
  10. Please put tour mission file attached to your post I'm in need of a good mission for the Fishbed right now. It could be also a good thing to add it up to the user files. Thank you very much.
  11. Just to be clear with my statement as you may obviously exaggerated what I wish for; animated pilot movements as seen from outside the aircraft. Belsimtek, veao hawk, DCS, and all the modules I know and own( other than the black shark) integrates this already so why not Leatherneck? I wanted to know if it is somewhere in the pipeline or just not planned at all. Sure bugs are important to be fixed but this request is in fact not a bug but simply an improvement.
  12. I was so impressed with the level in the details like seing the eyeballs movings, It would be even more awesome with its pilot being able to move his arms and legs! :doh: Anyone but me bothered a little tiny bit with this? Don't get me wrong, this module is awesome, if not the best to date. TY
  13. Can I ask why about the laser guided mavs? ECM I understand even though I would like it to work more or less a little bit. I'm very pleased by this newsletter along with the mig-15 trailer it makes me want to buy it even if I don't have time to fly 75% of all the modules I own lol
  14. Trackir is a must,make sure to get it! It's a game changer and is just as important as the stick if you ask me.
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