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  1. Sure! Any updates should be really nice to the community!
  2. +1 Even without VR is hard to see these guys in the deck. Hope soon they improve that in SC.
  3. It's a quite simple to ED. The best option would be ED implement mission editor to allow us activate or deactivate a CAT with triggers. It could allow us a lot of options for mission editors. Hope see this soon!
  4. Hello everyone! Any news from ED about something related from Super Carrier?? Last time I read something was that they were working hard, but no more update or info. Hope we can get any news or status. The hornet moved fast from the begin of the year...the Super Carrier seems to be on hold even from the news. Best regards
  5. So, when should the HARM loft? Because if it couldn't hit anything from 40NM at proper altitude and speed, it is inefficient for the combat right? You need to go closed enough to be lock by a SAM.
  6. So, you are saying that WAG's video is wrong, because he did a launch from 14.000ft, less than 300kts and the HARM in TOO mode did loft, climbing before go down in the target like the video bellow: According to Chuck's Guide, the HARM could be launch from 30.000FT at 400kts and 50NM from target that it hit the target. Remembering you that my wingman was at 30.000ft climbing, Mach 1.08 and 39NM from target. It should be a good reason for the HARM hit the target. Something is wrong because in Wag's video it shows the opposite. Some updates before, the HARM usually did it,
  7. I was flying after last update with my squadron and my wingman fired 2x HARMs at less than 40NM, FL300 and speed of MACH 1.1 and the HARMs just flew straight away to the SA-2. The problem is that because they didn't loft before descent, didn't had speed enough to hit the targets. Track https://www.vfa-83.com/app/upload/tracks/FABvirtual_Day_VFR_7_Dia-20201118-173748.trk
  8. Please ED! Just do something fast with ATC comms! Maybe after press F5 - ATC, we could select F1 - Ground ATC or F2 - Ship ATC.....something like that or as suggested before...But we need something soon. If the ship is near from coast, we need wait get too closed to select Carrier ATC. Hope ED read this topic and do something.
  9. I would love to have the CVN-68 and CVN-69 in the list of Super Carrier! ED will kick off if they add this to the SC list!
  10. I'm having same issue here! Formatted my PC and now, trying to install DCS I'm getting 350kb/s max download rate. Anyone know why the servers are tooooo slow? Normally I get 7-9bm/s
  11. Same problem here and it interfer in NVG usage. Hope they fix it in the next update Enviado de meu motorola one hyper usando o Tapatalk
  12. Well, seems that the sailors from VFA-83 are finishing the Ready Room to our deploy soon! Still working in some minor adjustments but looks so far the best mod we ever add to our squadron!! Thank you very much! Some points maybe to add to next updates that I found when trying to paint: - Do a better skin map from the floor to help painters to add maybe a logo from squadron or something. - Same for the door. I didn't found one and even the paint for it, there is? - Better map for the helmet...could be awesome do a
  13. Amazing work!!! We tested with a few pilots and nice job!!! Some questions: 1 - Should everyone install the briefing pictures? Or just the host? 2 - The first pilot in the RR is locked in the front or there is someway to let others move to front? 3 - The TVs work for platcam? We tried and it is off. Very nice work!!! I'll start paint now the Rampagers room! Thanks a lot for this great job!
  14. Have the same question! Saw some preview videos from ED with CVN names in the t-shirt but now can't find where to paint it..like the LSOs that I want to paint for our Squadron. Maybe @SkateZilla can help us!
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