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  1. I am about to restart my computer just to check if something is not stuck.
  2. EA-6B landing on a carrier bad weather. Oh, they also had a cracked windscreen. ${1}
  3. Unable to connect to server Increasing terrain preload radius helped in 1.5.8 in my case. I will test it in 2.2. today evening. I couldn’t connect to nearly any of the servers. By increase in the setting to over 90% I have had no problems even with the most populated servers. EDIT: Maybe it has some impact but it keeps kicking me out anyway. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I had a similar problem. I could not connect to any of the populated server but increasing terrain preload radius did the trick. ;) I had at set to approximately 50% and after numerous attempts with different Windows page file setting, switching firewall and antivirus off, this setting helped. I have it set to over 90% now with no apparent impact on the FPS and I am able to connect at every attempt. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Lusik


    Wow. It's can hardly be recognised as DCS. Great job.
  6. There is still some work to be done. Not all the scripts worked but I will upload it when it's ready. :)
  7. Operation Silk Street Dogs of War Virtual Unit will welcome anybody who would like to fly the ColdBlood's mission on Sunday. We are a mature group of players who utilise military simulations in an immersive environment. The group was originally focused on tank simulation but we have expanded our scope of simulations since. We have regular Sunday sessions with a revolving choice of sims, including DCS of course. TeamSpeak: SimHQ Password: it will be given on SimHQ Mission design: ColdBlood modified by Lusik Mission discussion: http://dogsofwarvu.com/forum/index.php/topic,2378.msg9
  8. In General Aviation it usually depends on the size of the airport. On small uncontrolled airfields it it usually good practice to overfly the airfield at least 500ft above traffic pattern height which is usually 1000 ft AGL, if not published otherwise. We do this to check landing conditions on the runway, check the windsock, etc. On slightly larger airfields or towered airfields you usually receive pattern entry instructions from ATC. I fly Cessnas and similar aircraft so I can't comment now military patterns are flown. There are a few different approach methods but I'm not an expert in t
  9. I'll probably contact you soon because I'm down to 2. Windows reinstall and hardware change + the issues you described above. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Confirmed. I also noticed the same behaviour with MiG-21. W10 64bit, i5 12GB of RAM ASUS GTX850M
  11. Yes, the same. He was a test pilot for Mikoyan Bureau but then moved to Sukhoi.
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