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  1. Ecco, sarebbe interessante sapere cosa rimarrà fuori e se eventualmente sarà inserito dopo l'uscita dalla EA. Io tengo come riferimento l'elenco di questo post: Al di la' del fatto che l'elenco non e' proprio aggiornatissimo a me sembra che i punti fondamentali e più importanti siano pronti o in procinto di arrivare. Sarei quindi curioso di capire cosa sarà lasciato fuori. Edit, per capirci, la roba che ancora manca e' questa: 2020: Update flight model for ground effect, takeoff pitch effects, auto-pilot based on FPM, touch and go
  2. Update Open beta spostato al 14 aprile (and counting). Si aprono le scommesse, io dico che prima di Maggio ciccia
  3. @baltic_dragon I'm probably wrong but there is still something that does not make sense to me (yep, I'm hard headed) Here from wikipedia (same explanation of the PDF): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DRYAD If I correctly understand the explanation, that should mean, for Set Letter NOVEMBER (Still ROMEO, UNIFORM), use the N row to code: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 RPJU - QHX - CTN - OW - MA - KBY - EL - IG - SD - FY So K=5, I=7, G=7 and so on. B
  4. Here we go again: - Reaper 2 keep orbiting around WP1. - Twister 1 & 2 successfully destroy CItadel but never clear Chevy 2 to attack and RTB - Chevy 2 keep orbiting south of Nest-75 Guys, this campaign is awesome in terms of atmosphere and narration but with huge number of problems: It took me months to do missions 1-12 cause continuous stops waiting for fixes...
  5. Ok, yesterday I've flown (and passed) the mission but I had some trouble with DRYAD: Authentication process was ok: WHISKEY, X-RAY=> BRAVO DELTA, TANGO => WHISKEY However, in the coordinate encryption i got: ROMEO, UNIFORM => NOVEMBER (?) KILO, INDIA, GOLF, UNIFORM, SIERRA, WHISKEY, HOTEL => 57 70'.831 GOLF, CHARLIE => WHISKEY (?) DELTA, ECHO, SIERRA, FOXTROT, TANGO MIKE, WHISKEY => 29 75'.871 Which are obviously not correct... In the end I've passed the mission since I saw
  6. Looks like I've used the wrong encryption too The set letter for "Mike Foxtrot" is Delta, hence, correct sequence for ( 2 4 6 6 2 ) is: QUEBECK, JULIET, CHARLIE, KILO, TANGO
  7. There is something I don't understand in encoding example in Briefing PDF: Shouldn't the correct encrypted sequence ( 2 4 6 6 2 ) be "VICTOR, FOXTROT, BRAVO, OSCAR, UNIFORM"? The example seems to be using the letters int the same reference row of the numbers, but this does not make any sense since it is the same for all reference rows and hence there is no "encryption' in that way... While in mission, should be strictly follow the 'strange' behavior described int he documentation?
  8. 10:01: la schermata FLIR sul DDI destro non sembra quella del Litening... E' per caso l'ATFLIR? Also, le nuove nuvole sono stupende.
  9. Well, this indeed make sense :) To me, the effect you are describing seems a wrong target altitude setup... did you double checked it?
  10. I'm only using OB and it worked fine for me
  11. I don't remember any major OB update since the time I've flew this mission: are you using OB or stable version? I've seen the same while training in SLAM usage, and AFAIK active seeker distance is not related since the missile hit without guidance even setting it to 10 or 15nm. Dunno how SLAM works in real life, however it might be that terminal guidance is needed only when you have an approximate position of the target, or it has been mover around. If it is stationary and you have its precise position coordinates, SLAM could be able to hit without any adju
  12. Non so dirti, in genere dopo aver parcheggiato e spento il motore chiudo la missione. Il messaggio a cui ti riferisci comunque l'ho sentito solo quando mi sono mosso mentre era in corso una operazione da parte del personale di terra (riarmamento o rifornimento).
  13. AFAIK no, just be sure to use the same folder name when you install it.
  14. I flew that mission some day ago and all went fine: did you manually set-up targets coordinates? If so, do you have correctly set the target altitude? I saw the same effect when I've used waypoint target designation and WP altitude was not the same of the target, but the idea is the same: weapons compute a fall trajectory using the specified coords and altitude. If altitude is not correct they will miss. I.e.: - If target is a 100ft MSL and you left height to 0 in weapon setup, the JSOW will fall short. - If target is at 100ft MSL and you use the WP altitude (WP TGT desi
  15. Dunno how thing goes in real life exactly, maybe you have just one target per plane or maybe wingman can lase one target for you, hence you can setup and launch 2 bombs per pass (just set 2 different laser codes). In any cases, if you are at high altitude (angels 20/25+) you should have enough time to see one bomb hit and move the TPOD to the next target before it goes off FOV. At that point you just need to go more or less 10nm away then turn inbound of the next pass. This is how I use to do in case of multiple targets in the same area.
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